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Silvermoon Series

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Season one

Caleb Wyler is a brand new Alpha and he wants to succeed in his new position, this means in all areas, but when his mate turns out to be Olivia Blake, his work is cut out for him. In need of a mating and pups, he's about to do anything in order to tame his bratty Luna.

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Season TWO

Caleb Wyler and Olivia Blake are the Alpha and Luna of the large, powerful and resource rich pack; Silvermoon. With little on the horizon of threats, their life has become normal and predictable. Not a bad thing when you want to settle down and have more pups, but Olivia and Caleb, under the influence of new alliances get caught up in a bit more drama than they bargained for - putting their kinky but strong Dom/Sub relationship on the line with it.

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Late Night Paranormal romance 

with 100,000 reads world wide


Season one

Season TWO

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