Amy Black always spends Christmas alone, but this year, her best friend; Elizabeth Saltz, convinces her to make the drive up to a swanky ski resort. However single, attractive and feisty, Amy doesn’t quite get that far. As dusk hits and a snow storm comes in, her sleek city car with it's inadequate tires, lands her dodging one of santa's reindeer and into a tree on the side of the road, unconscious. 
But that's only the start of her Christmas nightmare, waking up in Ean Hunter's cabin is just the cheery on top.
Who needs mistletoe when you're snowed in?

Snow Kissed's sequel 
Little Kisses!

Amy Black is back in her so-called perfect reality. Her apartment, her shoes, her new car and most importantly, her job. But when Amy starts to slip up, making mistakes, forgetting meetings and thinking a lot about the one person she shouldn't - she never imagines the actual reason why and it's the one reason her life will never be the same again.



  1. I'm unable to read little kisses on here. But you've posted a link on wattpad before to this website and it worked. Did you change something or is this all me?

    1. You need to sign up for Wolf Wednesday's to get the update tomorrow :: http://www.bellajohnson.com/p/join-mailing-list.html

  2. I missed the April 16th deadline to subscribe for the latest updates. Is there anyway that you can email it to me? I love your writing and I'd hate miss out on any chapters. I've read through chapter 11 on Little Kisses, were there any new updates for chapter 12

  3. Is snow kissed only available as an ebook?

  4. i got chapter 13 and 14 but not chapter 12...how can i get it???

  5. Hi! I just subscribed to wolf Wednesdays but I've missed a lot. Is there any way I can still read all of little kisses? I read some of the book an wattpad and I would really love to read the rest. Thank you!

  6. HI. I had subscribed back when you had updated little kisses on to wattpad saying you were putting it somewhere else and I have never gotten any of the emails or updates I was just wondering if there was something else that I was supposed to do or if you just never sent anything.

  7. Hi Bell I've been subscribed since Maine, and the updates were great, but i can't seem to find anything from Little Kisses, I haven't read more since chap 11 that was the last one on wattpad, I dont know if you have update more or .... Please can you help me !

  8. Hi bella, i cant seem to read the chap that you have update !! I still hung up in chap 11 that was the last ypu update on wattpad, i dont know where are the other chap here in your page and the updates that i got from maine said nothing of Little Kisses ! Please i need your help !


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