Saturday, July 5, 2014


Little Kisses was finished this week and I was very happy to be able to write the draft of the book with you all! 

That generation of Newsletter's will be available to read till August 1st, they will be then be removed from my website archive  as the book will be going to publication for later Summer 2014 :) 

TWO Questions I keep getting asked in regards to Little Kisses... 

Is this the end of Amy + Ean? 
Answer : Yes! Amy is cured! lol meaning she's with Ean, so I'm not sure what else I'd write and if I did, I doubt you'd wanna read it!! baha let's leave it at that. They had a great couple books and finally got to together and have a son!! :) 

Will there be an Epilogue on the published version of Little Kisses? 
Answer : Possibly. I have one scene in my head. Haven't written it in yet, if I do decide to put in an Epilogue, I will be sure to say the edited, published version has a cute little Epilogue going on as well :) 

Thanks Everyone! 
- Bella xx
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