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          I woke the next morning to the sound of my cell phone buzzing from the set alarm.
Though I had spent half the night on the phone with Elizabeth, I still did not feel any better about the situation I was in. I was about to see him, almost three months later and I was more nervous then the first time in the shower with him.
I rolled on my side, grumbling and reaching out to the cell. I flipped it off and then did nothing. I really felt like blowing it all off, I mean even for one more day – I still had nothing good to say to him, no opening line, nothing.
My eyes focused on the eight in the morning wake up on the display. This was late for me in the grand scheme of mornings, however pregnancy was starting to kick my butt.
I lied there for another ten minutes before I got out of bed. Procrastination was compelling but not going to happen. I had an appointment, a date, a possible doomsday with the man that had impregnated me.
I got dressed in a blouse and the fat jeans I had recently purchased and headed out of my hotel room to check out. I was definitely not staying the night, that was for sure.
Once in my beamer, I started off on the two minute drive to the realty office. It was a nine o'clock meeting and I was fifteen minutes early. I felt the need to keep driving past it, once I saw the building. However, his white pick-up was no where to be seen, Rick's little sedan was there though.
I decided to pull in and suck it up, I was there and there was nothing more to be done about it. Deciding to steal the house from the skank though, I was really wishing I hadn't gone about things like I had.
I grabbed my purse and put it on my lap once I was parked outside the office. Pulling the mirror down to look at myself. My face was a bit pale, I, of course – naturally pale... put some subtle pink lipstick on to give myself more life and then glanced at the clock. Still, he wasn't there and it was five to.
I was getting annoyed, he didn't seem like the tardy kind but then again, what did I really know about him... I got out of the car, I guessing I would be first into the meeting, much to my unsettled stomach.
I came to the door and walked in to see the secretary at her lonely desk in the bare office.
“Morning!” She chirped.
I fumbled with my bag over my shoulder, “Hi... I'm just here...”
“Yep, no, I know.” She smiled, “Already down the hall in the meeting room, they're waiting for you.”
They? I stared at her, “Uh... they?”
“Mmhmm. Down the hall on the left.” She nodded.
I turned around behind me and looked again, there was no other vehicle... and then there, across the street, in front of the damn ambulance station was his white pick-up truck!
Shit! I turned back to her, “Great...” My voice was tapering off now.
She stilled smiled at me, waiting for me to walk forward, “Do you want me to show you...”
“No.” I said quickly and stared down the hall. My wish coming true of being the last one to arrive. My vision began to narrow as I got closer to the open door and then I heard laughter.
He'd been in the office the entire time. He wasn't tardy. He was... Ean.
My footsteps got slower and slower till I was right outside the frame of the door.
“It's five after...”
My body froze as I heard his voice.
Rick agreed, “They're city folk...”
“Who the heck in the city wants to buy my house?” He laughed.
I choked and heard the secretary behind me, it cause me immediate panic and I burst in the open door. My feet stopped though as soon as I saw him.
He looked up from where he was sitting in the swivel chair and then he just stopped all together.
My eyes froze on him in his navy blue uniform. I swore he was more handsome then I remembered. His face lightly stubbled, his eyes the same focus as before and his soft brown hair... I liked his hair so much.
Rick stood to greet me, “Morning, Ms. Black!”
I choked and glanced at Rick but my eyes came back to Ean.
“Take a seat...” Rick's voice in my head trailed off.
I got a bit dizzy in that moment and my feet wouldn't move, even though I was telling them to move – I was screaming, move.
Ean was still staring at me and I couldn't pull away from it.
“Uh...” Rick paused, “Ms. Black?”
“Mm...” I looked up, swallowing.
“Take a seat. This is Ean Hunter, he's the owner of the property.” Rick explained.
My feet came forward, my heeled toes catching under me and with my lack of momentum, I fell hard to the blue carpets, my head colliding with the near chair as I landed on my right side.
“Ms. Black!”
Ean jumped up and came down beside me, he was quick too with it.
I tried to lift my head from the ground.
“Stay still a minute.” He said firmly.
I winced, blinking as I came in and out of a dizzy spell. I turned slowly to my back and looked up at him.
He let out a breath as Rick knocked around the side of the conference table.
I swallowed, “Hi, Ean...”
“Hey.” He lifted an eyebrow, “Are you in need of an ambulance?”
I wrinkled my nose up and sat slowly, “I'm fine... I think...”
His touch on my shoulder was brief but he did show concern for me, possibly as in a its my job way but he did to any degree.
I looked over his well fitted shirt and then raised a hand to my temple to rub away the pain.
“Ms. Black, are you alright?” Rick asked as he stood behind Ean.
I looked up to him and nodded, “No, I'm fine.” I tried to stand.
Ean dropped back and then stood as I got to myself to my wobbly, nervous legs again.
Rick and Ean then stared at me and then he turned to the realtor.
“Rick, can you us give a few minutes?”
“Uh...” Rick nodded, “Yeah, sure...”
I watched him leave and then it was just Ean and me. I didn't look at him though.
He was however, looking at me, “You want to buy my house?”
My eyes turned up to him, “No, I...”
He arched an eyebrow and waited for my answer.
“Well, actually...” This is where a plan would have really come into play, too bad for me.
He looked agitated now, “Amy, why are you here? What are you doing?”
I heard his annoyance too, “Uh...” I had no freaking words! None! What was going on with me!
Ean shook his head, about to speak when his radio went off on his belt.
Three twenty-one alpha, code three call coming in. Code three call, please confirm.
His broke his stare on me but he didn't respond to the radio.
“Uh... are you suppose to answer that?”
His eyes came back to me, “Jason will... I need to go...” He went to walk past me.
“No, Ean.” I broke, turning towards him quickly.
He paused his step and swung around, “You're more than welcome to the house. No need to explain further.” He then left the office with a quick step and my heart thundered in my chest. Once he'd actually left me, I panicked and ran after him.
“Ean!” I called as he left the office building, I continued to follow him till I was outside, running across the street after him, “Ean!” I must have looked like a complete idiot, really, I was pretty sure anyone in the town would have gotten a serious laugh. Keep cashing the paramedic...
The door of the ambulance bay was open and his partner was in the driver's seat as he pulled it out into the drive.
“Ean...” I huffed, coming to a stop behind him as he grabbed the handle on the door.
“I don't want to know. I don't even want to understand.” Ean snapped at me.
I broke from his tone with me.
“Ean, come on!” The man called from inside the vehicle.
He then pulled the door open and since I was in serious state of panic now, to the point where I couldn't tell someone right from left or up from down, I cracked – again.
“I'm pregnant!” I slammed my hands to my mouth, my eyes wide with terror at likely the worst pregnancy reveal in the world. Worst then those television shows even...
He stepped back from the door and turned to me, “What?”
She choked on whatever was left of my heart and nodded.
“Ean!” The man called to him again.
Ean turned back to his partner, “Shit, Jason, hold on! It's probably some stupid idiot that drank too much anyway!”
His anger derailed me again and I stayed quiet.
Jason then chilled out and sat back in his seat, appearing annoyed.
Ean walked over and grabbed my forearm, “It's mine?”
I wallowed, nodding through my shaking. I could hardly think, let alone function in conversation with him.
“Oh god, say something, Amy!” He practically shouted at me.
“Yes!” I blurted out, “Yes, it's yours.”
He let me go and pulled at his hair.
“Three twenty-one alpha... what's your status?”
Jason was impatient in the ambulance again as the radio patched through, “Ean!”
“I'm coming!” Ean shouted back at him, he turned to me, “Go to my house. I'll be there soon.”
I choked, his house! No... no, no... no!
I started to shake my head.
“Really, Amy!” He stared at me, “Go to my house. We need to figure this out.”
“Okay.” I broke to the pressure.
He then started to walk away, “The front door's open!” He called as he got in the ambulance and shut the door. The sirens flipped on and I stepped off the driveway as it pulled out beside me.
Ean took one last look at me before he leaned over and grabbed the radio from above his head.
I closed my eyes and heard the emergency vehicle depart. Now, there really was no turning back.  

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