Wednesday, March 19, 2014



Kara dipped further into the warm bath, her chin just beneath the surface as she looked across to him.
He rubbed a hand along his stubbled jaw, “I thought she took it well.”
“She cried.” Kara said softly, “Even your cold hearted sister, cried, James.”
“Yeah...” He watched her a moment and took her foot under the water.
Her toes curled as he massaged her, “Mm... Who's going to rub my feet when you're gone?”
He gripped her calf and lifted her leg from the warm, steaming water. Then brought her foot to his mouth and bit into her arch. Her toes again folded in and she whimpered as his lips moved up to her foot.
She pulled back suddenly out of his grip, “Stop...”
He looked to her and lifted an eyebrow, “It wasn't that bad.”
She pouted as he took her ankle abruptly from the water, “They're ticklish.”
He continued to massage for her, “Better?”
“No foot biting.” She snapped.
He raised an eyebrow, “Please, my love, outline the areas I am allowed to bite.”
His words threw her and she swallowed, “What?”
He smirked, “Never mind, I'm not a fan of restrictions.”
She rolled her eyes at him, “You mean, you don't care about restrictions, Jim.”
He chuckled, “Yes, well...” His thumbs dug into her arch, “You could always try.
She dipped her mouth into the water and stayed quiet.
“Let's do something fun.” He suggested.
“We went to the pub, you got drunk.” She smiled, “We came home, now we're in the tub, relaxing. I think we're good on fun.”
He watched her through the dim light of the candles burning, “Hm.”
She smiled, “I'm enjoying myself.”
“Are you?” He dropped her foot and leaned back.
She pressed her toes into his abdomen, “Why did you stop?”
He watched her, rubbing his cheek again, “I need to shave.”
She smiled, “Do you want me to shave for you?”
“No,” He laughed, “I do not want that.”
Kara slipped her bottom lip out, “Might be fun.”
“Sounds fairly painful, not fun.”
She scooped her knees to her chest and got up.
“What are you doing?” He asked quickly.
Kara smiled and ignored him, stepping onto the rug and walking to the vanity.
“Kara.” He watched her, dripping water to the floors around her.
She opened a near drawer and found a razor.
“You're not doing this.” He told her clearly.
She smiled and found some soap, “Come on, James...”
“No.” His voice was unforgiving.
She turned, still dripping water from her naked body, “It'll be...”
“Don't say it again, it won't be.” He stared at her, “But you know what might actually be fun?”
“What?” She paused.
“Come here.” He took his hand from the water.
She stepped up to him slowly, smiling, “James?”
He took the soap and razor from her hand, “Go back over to the vanity.”
She wrinkled her nose, “Why?”
“No more questions, Kara. Go.”
“You're so demanding.” She snapped and walked back to where he said to.
He was smirking, “Sit on the counter.”
She dropped her chin and narrowed her eyes at him, “Why?”
He held eye contact with her, “Didn't we just go over this, Kara?”
She slipped down on the counter, “Now what?”
“This is very interesting.” His voice held amusement, “Open your legs and touch yourself.”
His request hit her like a brick, “What!”
He laughed at the reaction she had given him.
“James!” She swallowed.
“I wasn't joking.” He still laughed, “But it's okay. Was worth a try, wasn't it?”
She swallowed, trying to get her gumption, in reality the request wasn't too bad. She could likely accomplish it for him.
She took her bottom lip in her mouth and sucked on it as she parted her knees, her hand dropping to her folds.
He fell silent as he watched her, Mm.
She closed her eyes and dipped her fingers inside herself. The awkwardness started to become her but once she opened her eyes and looked to him, it made her feel different. Like what she was doing was enjoyable for him versus completely embarrassing.
“Do you like this a lot?” She asked, her fingers still rubbing herself.
His eyes came up from where he'd been focused on her, “Yes, it's incredibly arousing. Make yourself come.”
Her bottom lip quivered and she sucked it back in her mouth, closing her eyes and doing as he said. It took her only a minute or so before she did, slipping a finger in herself as she finished, it wasn't near as nice as him doing it though.
She opened her eyes with a red flush across her face, swallowing her humility.
He smiled at her, “Come here.”
She slipped off the counters and walked towards him. She stopped beside the tub, about to get in, when he reached forward and grabbed her hand.
Her foot lifting halted and she looked to him as he leaned forward and brought the fingers that had been in her, to his mouth.
She watched him, Oh...
He drew back from her hand slowly, “You can do anything you wish to me.”
Her eyes lit up and she smiled at his admission, “Anything?”
“Yes.” He said in a low voice, “But...”
She sighed as she dropped her foot into the tub.
“If it's that you want to shave for me, you're going to have to be careful. I don't want to look like a pubescent idiot.”
She smiled and sunk into the bath in front of him, “Oh, James, I know how to shave.”
He grunted, “You know how to shave your legs.”
She grabbed the soap from the ledge of the tub beside him and lathered it in her hands.
He watched as her hands came to his cheeks, running down his neck. She inched in closer to him, her palms working the lather into his skin.
His thickness between her legs teased her and she rubbed herself along him.
He watched her and took her waist under the water, “Please, let me fuck you.”
She smiled and shook her head, “I'm doing something, Mr. Dray.”
He groaned and tipped his chin back with her thumbs encouragement, This is frustrating.
It's only frustrating because you're not in control. She giggled and finished with the soaping, “Mm... stay still, sir.”
James groaned, “You're a tease. You have far too much power right now, be careful.”
She smiled and washed her hands in the water before picking up the razor, “Shh...” Lifting it to his cheek where she decided to start near his sideburn, she dragged it down.
He held still and it surprised her, not even a flinch came.
Her fingers shook though, she felt the pressure of the allowance he was giving her. It for some reason was translating to nervousness.
She finished the first stroke and looked it over, “I didn't cut you.”
“And you won't do it either, as you continue.” He told her.
She swallowed and leaned back in, starting again, “Do you trust me?”
Her heart pounded from his answer and confidence in her, “You do?” She dropped the razor end to the water and washed it.
Of course.
She took his forehead and tilted his chin up, careful of where she was dragging the four bladed brand new razor, “What if I do nick you...”
“Mm.” He waited for her to finish, “What would you like to happen?”
Her chest swelled, “I don't know.” She breathed honestly and started on his chin, her attempt to steady her hands was getting worse.
His hand in the water dropped to her bottom, Well, would you like me to be nice or not?
Her eyes flashed away from what she was doing, “What?”
He grabbed her hand right before it cut him, “Focus, Mrs. Dray.”
She sucked in a quick breath as he held her hand still, “I'm trying, you're distracting me.”
He chuckled, “What? I thought I was behaving.”
She tried to get the razor back but he stopped her.
“Like this.” He lifted his head and guided the razor over his chin, “See?”
“Yes.” She nodded.
He let go of her hand, “Try again.”
She took his forehead again and tilted his head as she continued and managed not to nick him. Even on his lip or neck, which she impressed herself with. She liked doing a good job, it made her feel satisfaction.
He lifted his head as she finished and he washed off the soap, inspecting the shave, “Thank you.”
She put the razor back on the ledge and brought her hands to his clean face.
He pulled her in and kissed her finally, it had been long awaited that was for sure.
“Mm...” She moaned against his mouth.
He took her chin gently and pulled back, “What would you like to do now?”
She opened her eyes and looked to him, feeling the lateness of the evening, “I'm a bit tired...”
He kissed her softly again, “The bath relaxed you.”
She nodded, “That shaving required a lot of concentration, I didn't want to fuck up.”
He smirked, “Yes, well...” His hand trailed her shoulder, “I appreciate your attention to detail.”
She leaned in and kissed his cheek, “Let's go to bed.”
He nodded and let her get out first, then pulled the plug as he followed her.
She wrapped herself in a robe and started to blow out the few candles, it was always her favourite scent as they went out. The moon light in the window provided enough light and they walked out of the bathroom to their bedroom across the hall.
She started to towel dry her hair, walking to the bed and sitting down.
James dried off quick and then walked to her, taking her off the bed suddenly.
She looked up to him, “What are you doing...”
He turned her away to face the bed, he took off her robe and threw it near the laundry hamper.
“You missed.” She told him.
His hand wrapped around from behind her and gripped her chin, pulling back into him. His other palm made direct contact with her bare ass and slapped her.
“Owe!” She said through her smile.
“Most people do not say owe, when they enjoy something.” He told her.
She smiled still, her eyes falling shut, “Some do.”
“Only you.” He said sternly, “Think of a different word.” He hit her on the other side.
“Owe!” She squirmed and scurried out of his arms into the middle of the room.
He watched her and raised an eyebrow at her, “Kara...”
“Don't...” She said through her laugh, afraid of what he'd do.
Don't is not sufficient either.” He moved towards her slowly.
She wanted to run from him but didn't, that she couldn't peg.
He came to her side and grabbed her waist suddenly.
She let out a shriek, “James...”
He pulled her to the near wall and crushed her against it. She felt the robe at her feet, which meant they were near the laundry bin. She looked over her shoulder to him, “Don't hurt me.”
He stepped back from her, “I won't hurt you...” He grabbed his pants from the bin and she slammed her eyes shut with the realization of what was about to become of her.
He moved her damp hair from her shoulder and kissed her with a soft bit.
She moaned and her hips moved back into him uncontrollably.
His hand took her wrists behind her back, “Have you thought of a word?”
“A safe word?” She joked, “Don't.
He laughed and then gripped her closely, “Bed, then, since you refuse to corporate.”
She smiled as he brought her to the bed and pushed her to sit on the edge. He dropped his leather belt next to her and her heart sped, “Did I do something wrong?”
He crouched down in front of her and brought his hands to her bare thighs, “Are you excited?”
“No.” She giggled, “I'm afraid of what you might do to me.”
He looked up to her slowly, “You're afraid?”
She thought of her next words and what would make him happy, she then only came to one conclusion.
“Yes, sir.”
He smiled and took her down on the bed under him, her chin in one hand as he kissed her.
She giggled against his mouth.
“Stop.” He warned.
She looked up to him as he parted from her, dropping her chin slightly, “You make me laugh.”
He showed his amusement and kissed her again.
She felt him lift her and cool and sticky feeling of his belt as it was placed under her. She wreathed in nervousness as he pushed her arms to her sides and notched it up over her belly button.
She lied back in the bed and stared up at him, Oh good god...
“Don't panic.” He said cooly.
She wiggled, remaining calm under him.
“Is it tight?” He slipped his fingers under it and pulled.
“No.” She breathed, a slight shake to her head.
He smiled and tightened it.
“Oh, god, James...” She squirmed.
He kissed her and took her thighs around him.
She broke and squirmed again, “This is awkward.”
“Not as awkward as this, likely.” He moved off her and flipped her to her back, crushing around her.
“Stop... rape...” She giggled.
He smiled and buried his face in her neck, “Shut up.”
She laughed into the bed as he bit into her. Warming, her hips raising slightly – not to her own doing, it seemed instinctual.
His hand looped the belt and he pulled.
She whimpered, “James...”
It all just egged him on, causing a growl from his throat.
She inched away, her need to be released catching up to her.
“No. Come.” He tugged her back and pushed himself inside of her.
“Mm.” She dropped her cheek to the mattress.
He grabbed some of her hair and tugged her face off the bed, once releasing the tension of the belt.
She laughed, “Be nice!”
He growled, caught her cheek and kissed her mouth, easing himself in and out her from behind.
She felt her face flushing with the continuation, “Mm... fuck...”
He pulled her hair again and dropped around her, “Do I feel good?”
“Yeah...” She answered softly.
He pulled out of her and smacked her ass, “What?”
She cried out, “Yes!”
He came back into her and caged around her, his arms drawing around her upper body till she was completely covered of him, “Yes is much better then owe.
She bit her lip, Of course, it is.
“I approve of it.” He took her harder, her eyes rolling back with the increase in his hips.
“Yes...” It escaped her closed throat once more.
His mouth came to her ear, “God, I love you.”
She moaned, her eyes stinging with tears as her body filled with the need to orgasm.
He adjusted himself and reached back to play with her.
She called out, “That feels so good!”
He took her hard as he held her tight to his chest. His hand cupped her mouth, “Scream.”
She did as he said and it made her surge with a burning high.
His hand on her mouth dug in as he fucked her so hard it almost hurt her. Almost, but not quite and that was the line. A new deepness hit as he too finished, filling her.
He kissed her shoulder, his fingers leaving her wet lips, “Fuck me...”
Her fingers formed fight palms as the wanting ceased her body with each diluted heartbeat. She relaxed as he did.
He stayed inside her, catching his breath. His lips grazing her tender shoulder.
“You went so hard...” She whimpered.
“You get so tight sometimes, I can hardly stay in. It makes me want more and more...” He took her waist and undid the belt from her now red and irritated skin. He then rolled off her and rubbed his face.
She smiled, “Sorry.”
He looked to her and showed his amusement, “I was not complaining.”
“It sounded like it.” She teased.
He watched as she moved on her side towards him, “I find it a challenge.”
She smiled and closed her eyes, “Of course, you do.”
He leaned in and took her cheek, kissing her, “Are you sore?” His finger trace where the belt had been.
She opened her eyes slowly and looked up at him, “I'm exhausted. I'm sure the sore marks will show up tomorrow just fine.”
He brushed his lips against her cheek, “Well, I found it all rather exhilarating.”
“Uh-huh...” She mumbled, her tiredness becoming her now that an orgasm was also added to the list.
He nuzzled her, pulling her up into the bed properly.
She liked that and curled into him, “I love you.” Then took his cheek in her tired daze and kissed him.
He should have been exhausted, the shots should have added to a need to pass out but instead he was making out with her and quite well too.
She let his tongue dip against her's and she mumbled, “James...”
He drew back from her, “Are you falling asleep?”
She nodded, “I have too... what if Emma get's up?”
“I'll feed her.” He offered.
She smiled, “You won't...”
“I will.” He cemented.
She nodded slightly and turned on her side away from him with his aid.
He came up against her and held her like the he would nevermore, “Are you comfortable?”
She started to fall asleep and then she did, his warmth too agreeable, his embrace too fervent.
“Yes...” She finally answered him.

The brightness woke her, the clean bout of sunshine illuminating every inch of the room was pure disturbance.
“Mm...” She rubbed her face, feeling like she was waking from a hang over. Her head felt like it'd been throttled and her stomach, unsettled.
She wrinkled her nose up and slowly, turned on her side towards him. Her light sickness pushed to the back of her mind as her eyes fell on the impeccable image of her husband and their curled up baby on his chest. Her bright eyes then took in nothing more but that sole vision.
She felt the tears and those attempted to turn to sobs quite quickly on her.
It was uncontrollable once her thoughts spiralled to the truth, the what if, the extreme torment of how her life had been so close to normal... She didn't want to be back to it that but she was.
Her feet found the floor and she was quick to the bathroom, before she woke them. Rubbing her eyes over and over, dragging the mangled emotion across her face even more.
In a matter of minutes her emotion had turned on her.
She flipped on the tap for cool water to help calm herself, even though it had begun to form a hysteria. If it was that bad already, she was terrified of twenty-four hours in the future. By then, the despair may just end up killing her.
She splashed the water over her face, calming her only a bit but enough. Her hand grabbed a clean facecloth and she dried her skin.
Her bottom lip quivered, it had come fast and strong with hope of escape. Of course, there was no escape anymore. The only one that had escaped was Andrew.
She covered her mouth before she literally screamed aloud. Being without a mother, a father and her baby brother had been enough, but being without James was something she figured would never happen again to her. He had promised her it, in fact.
She turned and fell to her bottom on the tiled floor, this had driven her before to her end. Rock bottom. There was little else to compare it too, except now she had... his baby, his money, anything he could leave her, she now had it as something grasp to.
It was unclear which was worse, alone or surrounded by people that made her feel alone?
She tried to wipe her tears as she stumbled off the floor, trying to pull herself together. She didn't need to come off weak now, she knew better. James had tried to show her differently. He'd been rather definite with his emotions through all of it and she had to at least try for him, as well.
She walked from the bathroom after a few more minutes and noticed him awake.
“Morning.” He said softly to her, his hands over the baby's back as she still slept.
She hoped he hadn't heard her pathetic breakdown. She came back into bed, wiping her tears one last time but the evidence was going to be hard to hide.
He watched her sink beside him.
“How long have you had her?” Kara breathed.
“Since shortly after we went to bed.” He told her, “I fed her bottle and she fell asleep in my arms.”
Kara nodded, tears trickling her cheeks again.
“Were you in there crying?” He finally asked.
Kara swallowed and looked to him, “Yeah...” It wasn't worth it to try and lie in that moment to him.
“Mm...” He rubbed the baby's back gently, “You won't be alone, Kara.”
Her eyes flashed to him, how he read her constant emotion would likely always defeat her.
He took a breath.
“Are you hungry?” She asked.
He shrugged, “Let's wait till she gets up.”
Kara nodded and dropped her cheek to his shoulder, she watched their baby sleep, She's so perfect.
He rubbed her back again, “I have trouble retaining the fact that we made her.”
She cried again, biting her bottom lip. They had made her and they'd made another child too, except he wouldn't be there again.
She drew her nose into his neck, “I'm afraid...”
He sighed, “Don't be.”
“But I am.” She admitted and got off him, “I need you.”
He nodded, “You have me.”
“James.” She wiped her tears, “That's not what I mean.”
He watched her.
“You know what I mean.” She sobbed.
“You're going to be okay, Kara.”
“No.” She shook her head, “It doesn’t matter how much you say it like that to me.”
“You need to be okay... for Emma.” He explained, “For the other child.”
“No...” She broke.
“Kara, don't do this.” He breathed, sitting up carefully and holding Emma close to him.
She ground her hands to her face, “You said you'd never leave me again.”
“Yes, I know but this is not the same thing. I have to do this, my love.”
She cried, “I can't stand the thought of you...”
He watched her and then swallowed, “You're going to have to, Kara.”
Her sobs paused as she stared at him, “What?”
“Yes.” He nodded, “I'm not saying it will happen but if it does, then what? You have to be strong.”
She choked, holding it in. He was talking about everything she didn't want to talk about.
“Kara, I love you and Emma very much...”
“But you'll still die for them.” She spat.
His face drained of emotion, “Is that what you think?”
She swallowed, “It seems like it.”
“I'm not dying for them, they are not worth my life.”
“You're still...” She choked, “You're still going.”
He sighed, “Because that's the way it is. I don't plan on sacrificing much else for them. Do not worry yourself.”
She nodded, “It's just so hard.”
He stayed quiet and rubbed Emma's back, “Do you want to keep going over it, or can we to spend the last day together somewhat happily?”
She winced, seeing his point, “Yeah.” Then leaned over him and looked over their daughter, “You make perfect babies.”
After a moment, he smiled, “I think, I'm just good at the act of making them.”
Kara rolled her eyes, “Of course...”
He watched her, “Do you not agree?”
“No.” She smiled, “I do.”
“You're most definitely the talent behind the perfection.” He told her.
She didn't want to agree but he made it easy for her, “You're saying all I am is perfection?”
He took her chin and kissed her as Emma stirred on his chest.
She smiled and looked down to their baby, who had opened her blue eyes, “Morning, baby girl.”
“She's going to want you.” James said softly, handing her Emma.
Kara took her, bringing her close as the baby's bottom lip began to blubber, “Oh, shh...” Offering her food right away to escape the cries.
James got up and started to dress himself, “I'm going to worry about packing tonight.”
Kara watched him do up his belt on the waist of the lean fitted jeans, “Did they say what to pack?”
What to pack for battle 101, perhaps?” He chuckled, “No, there was not a definite packing list, Kara.”
She rolled her eyes at him, “So, sorry.”
“I'll likely go for jeans and shirts.” He pulled a cotton shirt on and turned back to her, “What do you fancy we do today?”
Kara shrugged, “I don't know.”
“Hm.” He thought, “Well, we've already gone out drinking so...”
“And had a lot sex.” She added.
“No.” He smiled, “I'm not sure that counts any. There can never be too much of that.”
“Damn.” She joked.
“You've got nothing then?” He asked.
“I'll do whatever you like.” She agreed.
“Threesome?” He perked up.
“James!” She then scolded him.
He laughed at her, “No? We could fly Courtney in.”
“You're disturbing.” She tried not laugh, “She wouldn't get here in time anyway.”
“Are you agreeing then?” He smiled.
“Not even a bit.” She made it clear for him.
“Right.” He smiled as he watched her with Emma.
She looked up to him, “If we have a boy next, do you have name you like?”
He walked over and sat down beside her, “I like Wesley.”
Kara wrinkled her nose, “You chose Emma for a girl but for a boy you want; Wesley.”
He smiled, “I'm sorry if I've offended you, my love. Whatever would you like then?”
“Liam.” She smiled.
James creased his brow, “That's Irish.”
“So... Emma is... umm...”
He waited for the rest of her sentence.
“Fuck.” She had no argument as she was pretty sure it was an English name for the most part.
“No Irish names.” James cemented.
“Don't be so old fashion, James.” She hissed.
He smiled, “Have you met my family?”
She rolled her eyes, “Unfortunately.”
He laughed at her, “We'd be pushing it with Liam. I can see Millie's face twitching.”
“I like it when she get's disturb. I think it's perfect...” She smiled down at their child, “Emma and Liam.”
He smiled, “And if it's a girl?”
Kara looked up from her baby, “It's boy.”
“I see.” He chuckled, “You're so sure?”
“Yes, I feel really nasty today.” Though, she wasn't sure if it was because of the impending goodbye or the new pregnancy.
“You were sick with Emma.” He pointed out.
“No, this will be worse, I think...” She swallowed, “Your spawn and all.”
He laughed, “I doubt there is anyone more satisfying in this world for me then you, Kara.”
“Because I make you laugh?” She found him rather silly sometimes.
“No, because you complete me.” He admitted.
She stared at him, “Sometimes, I wonder if you premeditate these lines.”
He smirked, “Very random, really.”
“Clearly.” He finished.
Kara looked back down to Emma, “You're father is talented, Emma, with words. It's scary.”
He grunted, “If I was truly talented I would be able to get a threesome.”
“What is wrong with you!” She joked.
He shrugged, “I feel like it's my last day of freedom.”
“Is it?” She asked seriously.
He paused, “Well, it's The Coven, so really... more than likely.”
She rolled her eyes, feeling the pit of bile reactivating in her.
He stayed quiet and she felt the air thicken, it really was impending – she doubted it would shake either. In that regard it was better to move on before her head got the better of her again. That included getting up and going about something, just what was the question.

“Does she always just stare at you like that?” James asked her as he stopped the soccer ball under his foot.
Kara looked up from Emma as they lied on a blanket in the backyard, under the soft shade of a tree. She was sure nothing could beat English countryside on a warm summer day, she could get used to it really.
“Like what?” Kara questioned.
“It's just,” He smiled, “I don't think she likes me as much.” He moved the ball into his hands off his knee accurately.
“You don't smell like milk, for one. All I am is food to her. See, not that glamourous.”
He smiled and shook his head at her, “No, I think you're more than that. She doesn’t seem that attached to me.”
“You'll get more popular with age.” She joked and looked back to the baby as she cooed at her. She leaned in and rubbed her baby's cheek, “Is it too bright, Emmy.”
“Don't deter her from the sun, Kara...” James moved around the other side of the blanket with the ball.
Kara watched him, “She's a baby. It hurts their eyes...”
He sat down in the grass beside them, “Let me see her.”
Kara got up off her side and picked up Emma for him.
He brought her into his lap, “You're three fourths lycan, which means seventy-five percent of you says sun is good. It's why you're mother is so pale, she's not as lucky as us.”
“Hey!” Kara reached out for him and hit him, “I am not a total reject.”
“No, just pale by instinct.” He smiled and took the ball in the grass to show Emma.
She flailed her arms and finally patted it.
Ball.” He explained to his daughter.
Kara smiled, “A three month old will hardly grasp football, Jim, don't even try.”
“I disagree, if we early onset it. It'll become ingrained. Then I'll have decent company for watching football.” He told her.
Kara lifted an eyebrow, “So sorry, I am such lousy company.”
He looked back to her, “Far from lousy, my love, don't be too hard on yourself. You're very talented at company in other ways.”
“Oh, shut up!” She rolled her eyes at him as he pushed the ball off his lap and lied back with Emma on his chest. The baby snuggled into him.
“See, she does love you.” Kara breathed, “She doesn’t seem to snuggle with me like that.”
James rubbed Emma's back, “So, it is true, you're only good for food?”
Kara rolled her eyes, “You're being mean today.”
He smiled at her, “I'm not mean.”
She grunted, “Explain what you are then.”
“I'm honest.”
Kara laughed, “No, you're abruptly diseased with your mouth.”
He stared at her, “That was suppose to make sense?”
She shrugged.
“I have a hard time believing I'm the one with the mind to mouth problems, Kara. You do make up words, to suit yourself.”
Kara huffed, “I want to go inside, away from you and I'm going to...” She stood.
“Why?” He pouted.
“To make lunch.”
“Good wife.” He let his sulking fade with her clarification.
She kicked at his shoe, “Take care of the baby.”
“Think I can handle myself.”
“Yeah, we'll see.” She walked towards the backdoor.
The kitchen was cool and quiet, a favourite of the whole house for her. Though, it was starting to get competition from the claw-footed bathtub up the stairs the further she survived motherhood.
Not being the most talented cook yet, she opted for easy again, in the form of sandwiches. That she figured, was a good enough lunch option.
The peaceful still around her, as she cut a tomato on the board, allowed her thoughts in. Thoughts she's been trying to hush for hours. They were dangerous and even in their reserve, they were cruel.
She held in the budding choke before the knife slipped and cut down into her finger.
Shit... She brought it to her mouth and turned to the sink behind her, before it splattered her not so masterful food items.
Turning on the tap and running the cold water over it, she got a good look at the deep cut.
“Damn...” She pulled it from the running water and looked it over as it bled out still. The bright red seared her mind with more images of blood and she wished she didn't have such a dark imagination. One of her many deterring talents, it was. She returned it to the water as she heard his footsteps coming down the hall.
She grabbed a dish towel off the side of the sink and wrapped her cut.
He stepped into the kitchen as she turned around.
“Lunch?” He asked, holding Emma.
She stared at him and then shook herself from the images, “Put her in the bouncy chair...”
He looked around the floor for it.
She swallowed, she was now throughly bothered by all that was running in her mind, “Oh, it's in the living room.” She went past him and found the item on the floor in the corner. A bit of blood transferred from the towel to the baby seat as she brought it into the kitchen and sat it at his feet, “There...”
He put Emma down, “What did you do to your hand?”
She walked back to the sink and unwrapped it, “I cut it on the knife.”
He finished with the baby and walked over, “Perhaps, I should have hired a cook too.”
She washed it under the water again, “No...”
He smiled and looked over her shoulder to her finger, then grabbed her wrist, “Well, that's lovely.”
She took it back and grumbled.
He put his hands to her waist and watched as she washed it more, “You need to be more careful...”
“Because I do this on purpose.” She snapped slightly.
He smirked at her tone, “I'll be right back.” He walked away from her, “Why don't you sit down at the table?”
She grumbled and did as he said. Was being careful suppose to make her feel better? Because even if she was to be more careful, she wouldn't have him in the moments she slipped up. That made for more blood in her mind. She put a hand to her tightening throat as he returned and grabbed the back of a chair to sit in front of her.
“Let's see.” He dropped the small first-aid kit to the table.
She tried to protest as he took her hand without caring about her mumbles.
He glanced at it, “I guess it's not awful.”
She rolled her eyes as he broke apart a packet and she whipped her finger from him, “No.”
He lifted an eyebrow, “It's a disinfectant.”
“No.” She repeated.
“Don't be such a child, Kara.” He took her hand back and put the towelette to the cut.
“Owe...” She cursed, “Owe!”
He smiled slightly and withdrew, “That did not hurt.”
“It stings...” She moped.
“Mm.” He showed little interest in her stinging situation, “Hold still.” He grabbed a band-aid and tore it from the wrapper.
She winced as he wrapped it in the protective casing.
“You'll live.” He told her, “No more cutting fingers.”
She rolled her eyes at him, “You might as well tell me not to be a woman anymore.”
He smiled as he collected the garbage and first-aid kit up, “Funny. I'll go put this away.”
She watched him leave and then leaned down, turning Emma more towards her, “Are you hungry yet? Do you want to let him feed you?”
The baby cooed and a small smile broke her mouth. Kara's heart melted in her chest and she reached for her baby's tiny hands. Then she felt her tears again.
James walked in, “Right, so apparently, I'm hungry.”
Kara stood quickly and wiped her cheeks as she walked back to the counters and picked up the plate for him. She dished him the only made one and walked it over to him.
“Are you alright?” He asked as she put the food down in front of him.
She met his eyes and shrugged.
“Is it your finger?” He questioned, “Was I a bit mean to it?”
Kara let her smile wanting to surface do so, “No...”
“Are you sure?” He still joked and grabbed her hand to kiss it.
“Stop.” She felt her bit of embarrassment catch her cheeks, “Don't.”
“No, no, what is it?” He teased.
She pulled her hand from his grip and walked away, rolling her eyes but answering him anyway, “No don't stop.
He laughed to himself, “Well done, Mrs. Dray.”
She stopped back at the cutting board and put the rest of the sandwich together, less the tomato this time. Then walked over and sat down, Emma still at her feet.
She could feel him watching her though and she glanced to him after a bite of her food, “What?”
He smiled at her, “Nothing.”
“Why are you smiling so much?” She questioned.
“Oh, right, I'm sorry...” He stopped smiling, “No smiling. Very strict.”
She creased her brow, “Have you been drinking?”
“No.” He laughed and ate more, “It's very good, by the way.”
“Thank you, my finger now feels better about it's sacrifice.”
He watched her eat a few bites, “Are you not okay?”
“No, it's fine.” She told him, “It was a joke.”
His brow creased only slightly and then he returned to eating, “I meant you, not the sacrificial finger.”
“Oh.” She grumbled, eating more, “Fine.”
“Right.” He finished his food, standing with the plate and leaning over her. He kissed her forehead softly, I love you.
She closed her eyes as he walked away to the sink. Her heart beat slowed in her chest as she looked to the clock and it began a count down in her mind.
The clanking of his dish dropping to the sink pulled her out of it.
She stood, careful of Emma in her chair before walking over to him. She stepped into his side and pressed her face to his chest.
He turned into her and wrapped his arms around her, “I was right then, less of the bloody finger.”
She closed her eyes, “It can't get worse, can it?”
“I highly doubt it.” He answered her, “I really don't see how, at least.” He leaned into her and kissed her cheek, “It'll be alright.”
She broke away from him once Emma squawked, “I told her you would feed her.”
He smiled, “Right, of course and she understood you.”
“You were the one that tried to ingrain football in her first, thinking it would stick.” Kara walked to the counters near the fridge and started to make her bottle.
Emma began to cry and James walked over to her diligently.
“Are you in need, little one?” He picked her up, “Your mum promised you a bottle.”
Kara smiled as she made the formula, “I promised her you.
He walked over to Kara, “I can do that. Where's the milk?”
“Coming.” She turned as she waited for the water to warm the bottle. She watched him with their child, her heart doing the same low beating again from earlier. Either she was dying or she was still trying not accept their reality. Her hand met her forehead as she turned away and took the bottle from the water. She checked it, “It's good...” She turned to him.
He took it from her, “Thank you, mum.”
Kara nodded as he walked out of the kitchen for the living room. She stepped back to lean against the counters. She was starting to have anxiety or some form of panic that had everything to do with letting him go. Not having him. For once in her life, she actually had him.
She rubbed her face and then started to clean up the kitchen. That took her almost twenty minutes and then she made her way into the living room.
The television wasn't on and that she found interesting, considering it was her husband.
“No sports?” She asked him as she sat down on the couch.
He adjusted Emma on his shoulder as she slept, “She's made it impossible for me to really move.”
Kara looked her baby over, “She needed a nap.” She smiled, “But you can put her down, James.”
“I suppose...” He didn't move though.
Kara moved forward to help him but he stopped her.
“It's fine. The silence is nice.”
Kara relaxed back into the couch, “Do you know where Sophie is?”
“Out.” He grunted, “Sent me a text earlier. I didn't really look it over.”
Kara rolled her eyes at him, “What if it was important?”
“I don't think so. I think she's just out shopping.”
“Well, do you think she'll be home for supper?”
James didn't seem that interested in the topic, “I don't know. She can get her own food.”
She rolled her eyes, “But what if she comes home?”
“I'll tell her not to.”
“Oh, James.” Kara sneered.
He smiled, “She shouldn't... if she knows what's good for her.”
“Why's that?” Kara asked, unsure of what he was actually talking about.
He smirked, “Alone time, Kara.”
She raised an eyebrow, “That's your sly way of saying we're going to have sex, isn't it?”
“Wow, nothing get's past you, my love. You're quick. Spot on. Really...”
She cupped his mouth, “Shut up.”
He smiled at her, “Do you think she'll sleep a bit in her crib?”
“Well, now that she knows how warm and comfy you are, it might be a hard sell.” She pointed out.
James sighed, “Yes, fine.”
Kara smiled at him as he rubbed Emma's back and kissed her head. She would miss everything about him, she was sure on that fact, so very sure.
She leaned forward for the television remotes, “Want to watch a movie?”
“Pick something decent.” He told her.
Kara smiled, “You can choose. I'll be nice.”
“Well, that is nice of you... for once.”
She moved into his side, “I sometimes let you pick.”
Kara laughed, “Fine, I don't... Sorry.”
He grunted, “If only the apology was sincere.”
Kara giggled as the guide came to life, “What's it going to be, Mr. Dray?”
“Whatever you desire, my love.”
Kara smiled and mimicked him, “Sometimes you really sound stupidly british.”
James grunted, “Once again, Kara... you're much too quick.”
She pinched his side.
“Baby...” He reminded her, a smile on his face.
Kara brought her mouth to his bicep and bit, hard.
“Owe, bloody hell!” He said in hushed voice.
Kara shrugged, “I figured if you do it to me, it's fair game.”
“Stop now, because nice family time will end and you'll be tied up with my belt before you even comprehend it.”
Kara made a face at him, “Whatever... I'm not afraid, we already did that.”
“Pick a movie, Mrs. Dray.” He instructed in his firmer tone.
She smiled and went about choosing a movie.

“I was hopeful for this roast.” She explained as she stared at the charred meat.
James looked down at it and smiled, “No, it's roasted all right.”
“I was trying.” She huffed.
“The effort is apparent, love.” He laughed slightly, “Very...”
She turned and hit him in the chest with the oven-mitt she wore, “Oh, stop.”
“I say we do my plan now...”
“Okay, fine.” She shot, “Order food, but I bet under all this black stuff is meat.”
“Tasty, dry, hardly chewable meat. Yes.” James laughed and pulled his phone form his pocket.
Kara sighed, she had spent almost three hours on supper and now, at seven at night, she was maxed out, he was ordering food and Emma was fast asleep in her crib.
Her whole family meal together plan had been trashed and thrown out the window thoroughly.
James walked away into the living room as she started to throw away the food. If they'd had a dog...
Kara lifted an eyebrow at the thought, “Oh, James!”
“Ringing food!” He called to her.
She wrinkled her nose at his brush off. It took him close to five minutes to order in and most of her extravagant meal was then discharged and the kitchen, back to lonely and food-less.
She walked into the living room to find him done and watching sports.
“Have they said anything about you?”
“No, I had an email from the lawyer earlier though, I forgot to tell you, they won't be releasing an official press release...”
Kara paused, “Why's that?”
“Honestly, seems like they're holding off but I plan on resigning. I just don't have time to deal with it...”
“You shouldn't resign, James!” Kara blurted out.
He looked to her, “Kara...”
“No, you go for a year and come back, they might let you go on hiatus.”
“I don't think so...” He grunted.
“James!” Kara argued, “This could be good. It could save your career.”
“I won't be much of a football player by next year.” He told her calmly.
Kara creased her brow, “Why?”
He swallowed, “I expect this whole thing to change my physical abilities.”
“What?” Kara was confused now.
“I'll be in and out of shifting, I'll bulk up.” He told her, “A lot and on top of that, I'll be conditioned to fight, not to play. That in itself will likely ruin any chances of me going back.”
Kara tried to digest that information, “Are you serious?”
He shrugged, “I suspect it. I know what their going to do to me.”
She moved onto his lap, straddling him for a need of closeness, “You'll still be you?”
“I might just look like I've been on a steroid... So, that should be pleasant.” He grumbled, his hands running over her hips.
Kara was now scared that he wouldn't even come back him. Everything about him she loved so much, was now also threatened – or that's what she was understanding.
She dropped her nose against his and he kissed her.
“Don't worry yourself.” He said to her.
She sunk against him, kissing him and dipping her tongue to his.
He took her chin gently and broke their mouthes, “My love.”
She felt her emotion rising again.
His hands cupped her cheeks and then he brought her close, kissing her neck gently, Stop crying.
She sucked it up somehow as he put her to her back on the couch.
His brain flipped and she saw it coming, “Quick fuck before food then.”
She smiled and squirmed up to a sitting position, “No...”
“We already talked about this no issue several times and the don't, and the owe.” He warned and pulled her under him.
“Not the couch again, James... It gave me a rash last time.”
“A rash?” He smiled, “On your ass?”
She burnt up, “Shut up!
“Let me see...” He flipped her over.
“James, it's gone!” She whimpered.
He pulled off her jeans she was wearing and bit her side, causing her to whimper. He sat up and looked over her bum, “Here?” He ran his hand over her lower side.
She nodded, “Couch burn.”
“I didn't realize I was fucking you so well.”
Kara rolled her eyes and sat up, turning towards him and fixing her jeans, “Is the inspection over with?”
He looked at her and her blushed cheeks, “If it must be.”
Kara nodded, “It is.”
He smiled and sat back in the couch, “Should give me head before supper.”
She stared at him, “That was rude.”
He looked to her, “Really?” He reached out for her hand, “Rude would be grabbing you and making you do it.” He pulled her over and she laughed.
“Stop it!” She fought him, wrapping her arms around his neck and trying to gain some control.
He resisted against her playfully as the gate buzzed.
“That was fast.” She caught her breath in the tight hold he had on her.
“A bit...” He commented and stood, sitting her to the couch. She watched as he walked out of the room. Then got up herself and walked into the kitchen as he answered the intercom. She got plates and cutlery out for them.
It's Greg.
She snapped out of her blank mind, “What?” Then realized he had mind-messed her and it flustered her. She walked out of the kitchen and down the hall, he was outside. A sedan pulled up as she got to the front door.
The car turned off and James walked over, Greg stepping out to greet him.
“Sorry, for dropping in.” Greg said to him.
Kara looked the car over and saw Lila in the front seat, Ugh.
James nodded, “No, it's alright.”
“Yeah, I got the text...” Greg explained.
Then why are you here? Kara snapped in her mind, she crossed her arms and leaned into the frame. She was convincing herself they were not coming in the house...
James paused, “Mm, come inside.”
No! Kara had to hold her actual tongue now.
James glanced over his shoulder to her, It's fine, love.
Greg stuck his head into the car and Lila stepped out of the car on cue.
Kara wanted to die, she literally had hours with her husband left and didn't need Lila and Greg around to ruin it. Even if it was classed as unsocial, she didn't give a damn.
James walked over to her and they followed behind him, Lila quite stiffly too.
Kara caught his eyes, Are you fucking serious?
What did you want me to do? They're here already. James pushed the front door open more and Kara stepped back to let them in.
She still glared at him, You could have gotten rid of them...
Hush. James snapped.
“Kara, how are you?” Greg smiled.
Been better. Kara nodded, “Alright, you?”
Lila squeezed up near Greg's side as James closed the door. She winced in her face slight, “Hm, Hi, James.”
James nodded to her, “Kitchen?”
Kara turned right away and walked ahead of them, Tea, sir?
Kara... His voice had his warning tone.
She smiled and went about making it, even if she hadn't asked them yet, she'd rather be busy boiling water, then sitting with them. Lila in her kitchen though, that one she thought she'd never see.
They sat down at James' invitation.
Greg was first to start up, like usual, he really liked to talk – at least, Kara had noticed it.
“We were just on our way home.” He explained.
Lila spoke again, “Actually, to my parent's. Their watching the baby.”
James nodded.
Kara rolled her eyes, I hate small talk.
Greg took over again, “Date night.”
“Right.” James agreed.
Kara brought cups over, “That's sort of what we were doing, wasn't it, Jim?”
“Sort of, yes.” James glanced at her, Snippy woman.
Kara put the mugs in front of each of them.
Lila smiled at her, “Thank you.”
“Tea's coming.” Kara walked back to the counters and waited as the boiling kettle began to reach it's peak.
“Sorry to interrupt your evening.” Greg tried.
James smiled, “We weren't doing anything, really. Waiting for food in acuality.”
Kara made the pot of tea and walked over while it brewed, “Pub food. James has convinced the one down the road that we're important enough to deliver to.”
He was amused, “They appreciate the tip involved.”
“You are good at ordering food.” Lila noted.
Kara sat next to him, “It's only because, I slightly over cooked the roast.”
James chuckled, “Yes, well, I like my food edible.”
Kara rolled her eyes, “Starving kids in Africa, would have ate it all.”
Greg smiled, “He's spoiled.”
Kara agreed with him, “A bit.”
“It was burnt.” James argued, “Horribly burnt.” He clarified.
Kara wrinkled her nose, “I would have ate it.”
“Of course, you would have, “ James laughed, “You're a woman, would have had to make your point crystal clear.” He laughed now.
Greg also showing great amusement, “So true...”
Lila looked to him, “Schtum up, you prat.”
Kara smiled, “Yes, please, stop degrading our sex. Male are much worse off, anyway.” She hissed.
James lifted an eyebrow as she stood to collect the brewing tea, “Ignore her, she's just a cheesed off little thing.”
Kara looked to him, Thank you for that, James.
He winked at her.
She brought the tea back over and poured it around the table in the mugs, “Alright, who wants sugar and or, milk?”
“No, it's alright.” Lila told her, “Thank you.”
Greg wanted sugar though and Kara knew James didn't want anything. She got the milk and sugar for Greg and her and sat back down.
“So, this text.” Greg brought it up finally. Kara was relieved too, sooner it got dealt with, the sooner they would leave.
“Right.” James started, “Well, signed over my life to The Coven for a year, so, likely won't be able to be at the wedding. Should find someone else to fit the bill, honestly.”
Lila seemed upset, “You're going to be away for so long?”
“Yes, a year.” Kara snapped, sipping her drink.
“That's horrible.” She continued, “You have a family.”
James shrugged, “It's just the way it is.”
Greg swallowed, “Real sorry, mate.”
“Yes, well, if you see my cousin, give him a good shot for me.”
Lila shook her head, “I just can't believe Andrew would do this to you. I mean, he's like your brother...”
Kara looked down to her tea, She knowns you well, doesn’t she?
James glanced at her and looked back to Lila, “I think this has something to do with Rebecca.” Kara's eyes shot up, it was the first she was hearing anything out of his mouth like that.
Greg was also interested, “Well, that's odd. She's fairly sensible.”
James shook his head, “She likes a fantasy. She's blonde.”
Kara took another sip of her tea and thought of Becky.
Greg smiled though, “Are you saying all blondes live in a fantasy?”
“Clingy, needy and pushy.” James said quickly.
Kara looked to her husband, “Emma's blonde.”
“Most of them.” He corrected quickly.
Greg laughed.
Lila wasn't that amused though, it seemed she could stay fairly taciturn to most things, “I don't think Becky would convince him to run off.”
“Well, it isn't like Andrew. He's too much of a follower.” James grunted, “She must have influenced him.”
Kara couldn't believe he'd thought that much about it, but she stayed quiet, listening.
Greg agreed, “He is but your aunt and uncle own his ass, so what about that?”
James shook his head, “Idiot. That's all.”
Greg seemed to think the same and then the gate buzz broke it all up.
“That's what I was originally waiting for.” James smiled as he got up.
Kara was quiet in thought, knowing full well Greg and possibly Lila were waiting for her to say something. She broke out of her thoughts once it got too awkward for her, “Um... sorry.” She got up and took her empty mug to the counters, “Do you want more tea?”
“I've still got half a cup.” Greg answered.
“I'll take a bit more.” Lila answered.
Kara snapped the kettle on to make more as James walked in with a large paper bag of food. He brought it over to the counters.
Kara broke the bag apart for him, wanting the task, They're staying?
They just got here. He answered, Unless it's really bothering you?
She glanced over to the them and thought it over, they weren't completely bugging her and he seemed okay with his friend's company, It's fine.
James smiled and kissed her cheek before walking over to the table, “You already ate?”
“Yeah.” Greg patted his stomach, “We can go though...”
“No. It's alright.” James stopped him, “Want beer?”
Greg perked up, “I can ditch the tea?”
James smiled and walked to the fridge.
Lila collected the boys mugs and brought them to the sink and Kara turned into her by accident.
“They don't need these anymore.” Lila smiled.
Kara nodded, “Yeah, no...” She turned back away and took James his food, “That enough?'
James looked it over, “Should suffice, love.”
Kara turned and walked to get herself a plate. It was then the atmosphere eased in the kitchen. Something shifted and even for Kara, she felt somewhat at home and that was an odd sensations.
Though she ate mostly in silence, James and Greg did not stay so quiet and for some reason them roping them all into poker had happened.
“James, your cheating!” Kara exclaimed for the third time.
He made a face, “How do you figure?”
Lila laughed, “It is a odd. You've won every single game.”
Kara agreed with her, “And poor Greg, he's pissed.”
“I'm not pissed.” Greg looked to her, “Alright, a bit.”
James laughed with him, “Your lucky Lila puts up with it.”
Lila smiled, “James, I had a lot of practice leading up.”
James looked to her, “Ha...”
Kara paused, the table easing a slight bit of tension. She turned to Lila next to her, “You're right, Lila, if you can survive James Dray, anyone else should be simple.” She looked to James with a caricature expression.
He swallowed and glanced down to the cards in his hands, “Right, so show your cards, now.”
Kara smiled at his quick subject change, in which case Greg ended up winning of once.
“Oh!” Greg exclaimed, jumping up, “Now, who's the alpha!”
James laughed at him and collected the cards across the table. Lila held out her's and he went to take them. She met his eyes and with a soft voice apologized, “Sorry.”
Kara stayed quiet as she listened and watch him shake his head slightly as he took Lila's cards. She chose to ignore it, coming to the conclusion she was never going to understand them. Ever.
The tiny cries of Emma broke from upstairs and the table quieted.
“Thanks, Greg.” James looked to him.
Kara stood, “I'll get her.”
“We better go anyway...” Lila said to them, “It's late, my parents are likely done in.”
Greg grumbled, “Yeah...”
Lila stood then, “Night, Kara.”
Kara paused her kitchen leaving and nodded, “Yeah, have a good night...” She walked up the stairs quickly, leaving James to deal with their goodbyes. Taking care of Emma took her almost ten minutes but then the baby was quick to fall back asleep. She began to think of their next child, it would likely be the opposite, sleeping through most nights could just be a fantasy life.
She carefully lied her back in the crib, pausing as the child squirmed a bit. She hushed her then slowly made her way out of the nursery.
She was down the stairs quick and in the kitchen, where James was sitting at the table flipping cards over in no particular fashion.
“Is it a magic trick?” She joked and picked up the empty beer mugs.
He looked up to her, “I don't know why she said that.”
“Oh,” Kara rolled her eyes and walked away, “I don't care.”
“No, really...”
She turned to him, “I'm not upset. I'm past caring. Do I look like I care, James?”
He stayed quiet as she tossed the bottles in a bin under the sink.
She cleaned up a few more things as he stayed quiet and then she walked over to him again, “It wasn't half bad. I mean, she's not that bad.”
He shrugged, “She's alright.”
“Greg's funny anyway, he makes up for her tightness.” Kara collected the cards in his hands, “I don't know what you're doing with these, but I'm stopping it.”
He smiled finally and grabbed her waist, “Come here.”
She giggled as he pulled her into his lap.
He kissed her cheek, “I love you.”
She smiled at him, “Have you ever had sex in a chair?”
He pulled back slightly, “Excuse me?”
“It was a question.” She dropped her hand to his belt, “Mm?”
He smiled, “Take your pants off.” His hand dropped and he undid his jeans.
She got up off his lap and stripped her jeans quick.
He reached out and grabbed her right away, making her laugh as she came around him.
She pressed her face to his neck as he filled her. Her hands gripped at his cheeks and she pulled him close, “James.”
He grabbed her hips and deepened the contact, making her moan and want more. He moved her alogn him as her toes hooked along the floors and chair legs, trying to gain the momentum she wanted. He steadied her again, “You're so impatient.”
She smiled and nodded, “More, Jimmy.”
He grabbed her hips suddenly and moving her up and down I'm at a feverous pace. They both began wrapped up and then it was just amazing, spontaneously good sex. However, it was all they would get as it quickly dissolved with the sound of the front door opening.
“What...” She broke out of her focus on him.
He looked over his shoulder as the door closed, “Sophie...”
She ripped off him and found her pants, “Fuck...”
James stood and did up his belt as Sophie clunked down the hall.
The blonde walked in, heels and all on the wood floors, shopping bags in hand.
Kara finished the button on her jeans just as Sophie appeared, she tucked her hair behind her ears and they all stared at each other.
Sophie finally cracked first, “Evening... why do you both look like you were just caught doing something?”
Kara's cheeks flushed and she went to turn and walk to the sink.
“What?” James sat back down and grabbed the deck of cards again.
Sophie dropped her bags to the table and right on top of his cards, “Were you having sex?”
James sneered and looked up at his sister in annoyance, “I don't know, were you shopping?” He snapped at her.
Sophie raised an eyebrow at him, “That's disgusting. We eat in here.”
Kara burned, “We weren't having sex.” She tried to cut in before James continued on.
Sophie sighed, “Thank god...”
James stood, “How was shopping?”
Sophie shrugged, “Got a few decent things...”
“Lovely.” He grumbled, “I'm going upstairs.” He told Kara more then here.
Kara turned to face him as he headed out.
He turned though at the last second, “By the way, Sophie... we were having sex. And we've also fucked on mostly every surface in this kitchen so really... it was already disgusting before tonight. Night.” He walked out.
Sophie stared ahead where he had been, “I hate him!”
Kara bit her lip, “He's lying.” She tried again.
Sophie turned to her, “It's alright.”
Kara smiled, “Sorry.”
Sophie shook her head, “He's just a serious ass sometimes.”
Kara nodded, “I agree.” She grabbed his styrofoam container that housed the dessert he'd never got to and decided to take him that upstairs, “I should go up too, I'm tired. Lila and Greg were over, it was a long night.”
Sophie smiled, “Oh, really?”
“Yeah.” Kara grumbled, “Night.”
“Yeah, good night.” She called to her.
She came into the bedroom to find him with the television on. “I brought you your dessert.”
He took the outstretched item once she was near, “Thank you.”
She nodded and walked over to get into pajamas, “You shouldn't be so mean to her, James.”
He opened the container of the dessert, “She started it.”
Kara rolled her eyes, “You're both such siblings.”
“Mm. It's because we are.” He started to eat, “Do you want any?”
She looked over the chocolate dessert cake, “No. The food you ordered is already not agreeing with me.”
He looked her over as she dressed into a night gown,“Are you sick from the pregnancy?”
She shrugged, “I guess...” Then made her way to the washroom to clean up. She was quick with it, actually starting to feel exhausted. Maybe it was the stress of the impending morning or maybe it was just everything, she didn't really want to know anyway.
She cuddled into him once in the bed, he was still eating. The bed, him, the drone of the sport's channel in her shutting down mind, she wanted to press pause for real that time. She would have gave anything for it to actually pause.

Her nightmare played in her head over and over. The brutality that had surrounded the very essence of it had been enough to keep her wide awake since three in the morning.
The tea in front of her wasn't helping either. Though, according to most, tea could fix everything. It had now been a disproved theory... continuously, but she was going to hang on to the concept. She sort of like it.
She looked to the clock in the silent kitchen as it hit the six. That left no more time, really. She was almost sure she was feeling what someone dying endured, not even in the darker points in her life had she felt the hollowness as in that moment. Even when he'd left her the time before, well then she'd known he was alright. This was complete darkness, there was hardly a light to follow. She would live from a bank account, a house, a car... all that he'd left her. She was suppose to run on that for a year.
And though she could, she didn't want to.
She picked up her steaming cup of tea and took a sip of the sweet drink. She'd loaded it with sugar to help the bile reside. She should have been up there with him, but instead, she was sitting alone in the dark kitchen, the sun just starting to fill the spaces around her.
She took another sip and after another half an hour of her intense but nothing thoughts, she still had found little relief within herself. She thought of her dream being true, the carnage, worse then anything she'd ever seen as a hunter. Everything he had seemingly saved her from, and now he was continuing to do so for others. People that in her opinion didn't deserve him.
She jumped as James walked into the kitchen.
“What are you doing down here?” He asked.
She pushed her empty mug away, “Nothing.”
“Nothing?” He echoed.
She shook her head, “I woke up at three.”
“You've been down here for three hours, you should have woke me.”
She swallowed and looked down to her painted nails on the table top. Painted nails he'd paid for and she would be left with. Everything seemed to remind her of that fact.
He walked over and kissed her forehead, “Are you very upset?”
She choked and looked away still.
He crouched down in front of her, “I would have stayed up with you. I thought you had fell asleep earlier...”
She felt his hand on her thigh as he gripped her.
She looked to him, her eyes swollen with emotion, she was out. She had spent the last twenty-four hours holding back most of her emotion, somehow and now it was about erupt.
He watched her, “Don't look like that...”
“You can't say that to me.” She said in a bare voice, “You can't.”
His eyes evaluated her and she felt it, “I'm sorry, Kara but I can't promise you anything right now.”
She stared at him, his words scared her. He always promised her something and she had been expecting it too.
He stood slowly and walked over to the counters, flipping on the kettle, “If it makes it easier, I'm not doing too well either, right now.”
“That doesn’t make it easier, James.” Her tone was indifferent all of a sudden.
“Well...” He grumbled, “I guess, I come back respected either way.”
Her stomach crunched, “What?” She turned to him.
He glanced up from the boiling water machine, “Perhaps not... I was likely a bigger deal kicking a ball around a field.”
She stood and felt her throat closing, “Can't you promise me something?”
He thought a moment and walked up to her, “I promise to love you... forever.”
She shook her head and looked away.
“What should I say? I'll say it. Whatever you want to hear, my love.”
“I want to hear you'll come back!” She exclaimed and her outburst surprised her, he too looked put out from it.
“I said I would do everything in my power to do so.” His voice was deep and she heard the slight annoyance in him now, “It's not a promise but it's something, Kara.”
She was a dweller, he was doer – it was a common issue. Especially right in that moment.
He rubbed his face, “Let's not fight, I mean really...”
Kara nodded, sucking back her tears. Why she felt so compelled to lash out in anger at him, she didn't know. After a perfect and mostly happy weekend, their entire relationship seemed complete, except this moment.
“I understand asking you to sit and wait is hard.”
She shook her head.
He swallowed, “You don't have to be lonely.”
Her eyes met his, “What?”
“Not if you'll be upset. I know how you hate to be alone.” He explained.
She didn't understand him, “I'll figure it out... I mean, I have to.”
“Not if you don't want to.” He grunted.
She thought about what he was saying and put her hand to her neck, tracing the sore outline of his perfected claim on her.
He shook his head, “Never mind.” He turned and started to make himself tea and she just thought.
“You're giving me permission to have a boyfriend?”
He turned to her, “No, I'm not doing that.”
She lifted an eyebrow, then she didn't get it but it made her sick either way.
He sighed, “I don't know. I hate to think of you this continually upset...”
“And you think that's just because I'm going to be lonely!” Her voice raised.
He shrugged.
“Why do you act so dumb!” She shouted now, “I don't care about getting laid.”
He stared at her, “I was just saying...”
She found her anger over taking her, “Seriously, the only thing I want you to promise me is that you'll come home! That'll be enough to keep me from fucking other men!”
James stared at her as she left the kitchen.
“I don't want anyone else!”
“Kara!” He dropped the spoon in his hand to the counter as she made her break from the kitchen.
“Kara!” He followed her and grabbed her wrist before she got to her running.
She struggled against him, “I'm sorry, I left you! I'm sorry, about Brady! Everything I do is stupid! Stupid!” She shouted, “I get it! I...”
He grabbed her around the waist and pushed her to the wall, “Kara, calm down.”
She tried to push him off and he held her tighter, crushing himself into her.
“Why don't you just hit me?” He said in her ear, “Maybe you'll feel better. I am the one hurting you, aren’t I?”
She threw her weight into his chest and pushed him off, “This is the most pain I've ever been in! I love you!” She swallowed as she came to the abrupt realization, “For the first time in my life, I actually love you.”
He stared down at her and then swallowed, saying nothing.
“And you're just leaving me!”
“I can't do anything!” He snapped, “Don't argue with me.”
She fell silent and wiped her tears.
“Don't argue with me.” He repeated to her. He stepped back from her and wiped his hand over his forehead. After a long tense bout of minutes, he smiled, “Don't be with your true bond; they said, it'll disagreeable and little enjoyment; they said...”
She met his eyes, somewhat confused about what he'd just said aloud.
“I want them to be wrong.” He growled, “Help me prove them wrong, Kara.”
She was pretty sure she understood him but then again...
He stepped back up to her and grabbed her chin, “You are mine.” Her jaw tilted with his aid and he grabbed her around the waist, kissing her.
She wrapped her arms around his neck as he pushed her to the wall behind them. The kissing increased, till she was almost about to undress him. One more time with him was easily built within her.
The buzzing of the gate sounded.
He kept kissing her though, his hands gripping her every imaginable place and then it rang again. This time a longer buzzing.
“Oh god!” She burst, pulling back from him.
His sighed, “It's early...”
“That's not fair.” Her voice broke.
He parted from her and she reached for him as he walked down the hall to the intercom. She watched him receive the car in.
“They did say around seven, I guess. It's quarter to.”
She bit her lip as he unlocked the front door and kicked his full duffel bag at his feet closer to the wall.
She slowly made her way towards him, “You didn't say bye to Emma...”
He looked up to her, “I did, before I came down. She's fast asleep... We should feel lucky, she won't remember this. It's really a decent thing, can you imagine if she could remember?”
Kara walked into his side and hugged him, she'd just been the biggest idiot to give him such stupid emotions moments before. It was all so turbulent it seemed, no matter which way she tried to figure it.
He kissed her forehead, “Forget what I said about fucking other men...”
She broke a quick smile, “Had to...” She choked up on tears, “See that through, didn't you?”
He lifted her cheek and dropped his lips close to her's, “You won't be lonely long, my love.”
She broke to tears in that moment, “Please, don't...”
He kissed her and she pulled him in tightly.
It was an impossible to kiss him though, through her growing hysteria and then the knock at the door came.
“I c-can... god, take some tea...” She begged him.
He paused, “Kara...”
She shook her head, “I'll make some while you do the bags...” She broke away from him and hurried to the kitchen.
She didn't want to see the likely big black car on the other side of the door, waiting to take her husband from her – because she was sure it would just give her a heart attack.
She heard him outside, the door wide open and breeze was creeping the hall. It felt like more then the end of summer to her.
She found him a portable mug and then finished the tea making, taking her a total of two minutes before she was stopped in the hall, not able to move forward or get her feet to the front door.
He then showed up in the frame. Lean, tall, handsome, everything she couldn't bear to see change, she wanted him back the same.
“Come.” He said to her.
His willing voice broke her from her vagary of him and she moved forward, but still, not outside.
She gave him the mug, “Perhaps you'll need this cup anyway.”
He smiled and took it from her, kissing her cheek gently, “I love you...”
She tried not let him see her forming tears again as his mouth met her's, for a slow exchange of a kiss. Then it dropped off. It was like their ability to kiss was getting stripped from them as moments dragged on.
Her hand flattened to his chest.
“I'll think of you often.” He said softly, “As in everyday.”
She caught her sob before it left her throat.
He kissed her cheek again, “Be good...” He parted from her and walked outside.
Her eyes hit the black vehicle awaiting him, finally. She held back her thoughts on it. Her fingers lifted at her side in wanting as he stepped onto the gravel and walked to the open door. The feeling of that thick air returned and she realized was rain. It was starting to fall, the big drops hitting the sleek angles of the black hearse looking vehicle, till was literally pouring down within seconds.
He glanced at her once more, My wife.
The tears in her eyes blurred all her vision and all she could see was his figure get into the car. The exhaust produce a cast cloud of fumes before it rolled forward.
No! She screamed in her head, her tears streaming her face recklessly. How had she even tried to keep it together, was now impossible knowledge.
“James!” Her legs flew from the door frame and onto the gravel as the red break lights through the thick rain, became very visible.
The door of the car opened and then she ran, for him. Her heart flying stupid with all sorts of unstoppable adrenaline. He grabbed her as soon as she got close enough and kissed her. His mouth covering the distress of her's.
She bundled his white shirt in her palms and pulled at the fabric with desperation, I love you. Her lips then broke his, “I love you... I love you.”
He smiled and with his hand on her wet cheek, he kissed her again.
She fought the rain slipping between their lips as they took in their last moment together.
I love you.


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