Sunday, December 1, 2013

Once Upon A Time... I wrote a book called ALASKA

I'm going to tell you a story. Yeah, I know, what a freaking novelty.... so here we go...

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away - also known as Vancouver, BC... 
There was a girl. 
She was sort of chubby, sort of awkward and a lot with the different. She had only a few friends, some would stay around, some would not.
For this main reason, she spent her days dreaming. It started with to and from school. Then it became an at snack and lunch thing, by the time she was about to go into high school - her grades were showing the affects of day dreaming but that didn't seem to stop her, even with her parent's threatening her life away (dramatic pause).
Then one day while walking home, she thought up a boy and a girl and gave them names.
She named the girl after what she thought was a better name then her's and the boy... well after a boy in school. 
Those two people, as soon as she got home, turned into the leading characters in the fantasy drama, Heart of Hunters.
Throughout high school, she only wrote these two characters and their world. Most of the time, she thought their world was a lot nicer than the world she lived in. 
Anyway, as high school came to a close her thoughts then manifested from day dreams to her own life. Where she one day hoped, prayed and begged the powers that be for her to a published author day?
Even through all her crazy dreams, like wanting to be a whale trainer, a rock star and then of recently a photographer... she saw where her true dreams had always been and why, when her other dreams seemingly crumbled - why she constantly found sanction in writing over and over.
On December ninth two thousand and twelve, she found Wattpad, *coughwhilelookingforfanfiction* and then the last thirteen years of her writing, day dreaming, plotting mind... seemed to make sense.
Instead of writing for herself, she started writing for others and dreams of being published were rekindled. 
Alaska was posted on wattpad in early spring of twenty thirteen.
It was then found by publishing company Dream Big Publishing.

(don't ask me why that was all in third person okay... I just went with it and now i'm done cause it's getting creepy and I really like third person but not this much...)
kinda like this photo of me and my cat as i'm trying to write... 

I look back at that story above and I find it widely amusing that I can write a short blurb on my writing obsession I've lived the past thirteen years. A lot of people, once they get to know me, don't quite understand how I can spend SO MUCH TIME writing... but it's simple really...

Writing is a challenge that I love. 
Characters need their story told.
Plot is a highly addictive necessity, that can constantly frustrate me at the same time.
Working on a Novel for people to read, to make sure I keep getting better for them and them alone, is enough for me to never give up and never say never.

Never stop believing, dreaming or climbing just a bit higher. 
The moment you stop. 
The moment you look back.
Is the moment you may fall.

as ebook on many providers and in print.

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