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KINDRED // THE PROLOGUE **exclusive pre-release**

The OFFICIAL prologue of KINDRED from the "HEART OF HUNTERS"series... my prologue's always start with POV release. Last time it was Kara and what happened between her and Tom, this time it's James when he met Kara, which was "interesting" for me to write!! lol

Thanks for being awesome guys!
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They say you never really get over it. That it will always burn a hole in your broken soul. Something you can never get back. Something you will never fully understand in regards to why or how.
Well, I couldn't have agreed more because it didn't matter how much I tried to let go of the death of my parents, I was was still lost about it, even three years later.
They told me I should be strong and they'd pruned me do so but this day. This one day, was never that emotionally amazing.
Andrew thought everything could be solved with alcohol – I wasn't sure how great of advice that was coming from my nineteen year old cousin but I often took his recommendation without much thought.
However, I was finding it extremely hard to listen to him. Drinking seemed ridiculous, possibly irresponsible since I had practice in the morning and well, my cousin was plastered. Which left me in charge of him, only enhancing my general annoyance.
Drew tripped up to my side and put his arm around my shoulders, “You've been so quiet.”
“We should go, Andrew.”
He looked displeased with the suggestion, “The point of tonight was to drink, Jim. You missed the memo... didn't you, mate?”
“I had a drink...” I rolled my eyes at his buzzed up idiocy and looked across the bar.
“I just don't understand how my fifteen year old cousin constantly does me out on maturity levels. Shouldn't you be off being hormonal?” He laughed and a few other joined him.
I smiled, “Hormonal? I have practice in the morning and I'm almost sixteen.”
“Yes.” Andrew droned, “And one day you'll go pro and life will be complete. Relax, James.”
I sighed, “Thank you, Drew.”
Andrew turned away from me and I knew he was about done with me in her drunken state.
I crossed my arms across my chest as I looked to the pub doors. The immediate feeling of magnetism hit my core and then there was the source. There. Right there. Plain as day. There she was.
Expect she was looking for something and it didn't appear to be me – even though it felt like it should have been. Her green eyes flashed up and down and across the pub as she moved into the crowd.
I lost sight of her and moved forward involuntarily. My arms dropping to my sides as I pursued the sweet smelling girl. Vanilla, spring dew and pure intoxication. Fall to my knees intoxication. I could now prove to my cousin I had hormones.
“James! Where are you going?”
I waved my hand in the air to shut him up because really, all that mattered was the vanilla-bird. I walked away into the crowd, pushing past people as I looked for her.
My mouth watered, her scent was unimaginable. I should have just ran the opposite way but I was on a short leash now. Hugely entranced with even the idea of her.
I followed her aura to the back hall where the stuffy, stink ridden washrooms mixed with the futile pheromones.
Then I scanned the hall and moved forward, my eyes sweeping the pub.
My impatience and quick flare-temper was getting the best of me. I walked forward and my irritation got worse than I could have thought possible.
“Where the fuck is she!”
I spun around and came face to face with her.
My vision narrowed and my heart began to pound. Whatever was happening was completely out of my control and I had a lot of composure normally - which bothered my temper in conjunction.
I stared down at her – studying her big green eyes, long dark hair and perfect round hips.
She had a curvy little figure which I could appreciate easily. Though my fifteen – almost sixteen year old hormones would be quicker to appreciate her.
She wrinkled her pudgy little nose at me, “Umm...”
I smiled at her, “Hello.”
She stepped back, sneering, “Whatever...” Her voice was annoyed, it made me want to conquer her more... on top of everything happening - she had an american accent. I was in for it from my aunt and uncle on this one.
She tripped on her feet and I reached out to catch her. If I thought scent was bad – touch was seemly death like.
She stared up at me, looking a tad stunned.
That's the face she could have when I fucked her senseless.
Her chubby fingers gripped my forearms and it got worse. A lot worse.
I had to force myself out of the new obsession with the girl. Talking myself out of my sick thoughts involving her, things I could do to her in particular.
My heart pounded and I couldn't help the smirk crossing my lips, infatuation with her had long since set in – which was odd. Very odd.
She threw her hands out, stepping away from me, “Don't touch me or I'll kill you!”
I tried to speak but she ran, dodging me accurately and disappearing. Now is when sheer panic started in my core. I needed her. Oh, I needed her so bad!
I knew she'd booked it well out of the pub so I did the same and found her about to cross the street. She dashed into the darkness.
“Hey!” I snapped at her.
She turned mid way across the street and stared at me.
Why are you following me?
Her voice echoed into my thoughts. My heart began to pound. I could hear her which meant a lot worse things than I initially thought about her. I didn't just like her for her looks and the challenge she presented.
True bond. What were the chances in that ever happening? I didn't understand what it really meant and I'd only heard the term a handful of times but I was surely feeling every imaginable ailment I'd ever heard about it.
Why does he look so fucking confused!
I stared at her, my eyes widening. I closed my mind to her to keep her from running again. A pair of headlights caught my attention and a car flew past her, honking.
That rightly pissed off every single side of me possible. I was already feeling possessive over a girl I'd only met two minutes before.
“Shit!” She screamed and tripped forward. I caught her though, moving fast towards her. I wasn't sure if she'd catch on to me or not but she wasn't acting right and I was beginning to think she wasn't what I was.
She didn't smell like a Lycan. She didn't move like one or have her barrings together like she should.
She just seemed like some confused silly girl. Never mind being an Elite. My luck was shit and now I was completely invested in her.
“You shouldn't stand in the street.” Yes, that was the best I could come up with, I realized how ridiculous and presumptuous of me it seemed but she apparently had no concept of danger. Which was another point against her.
Once again, shit luck came to mind. I became conflicted with a pursuit on her.
“Thanks!” She spun towards me out of my radiating arms, “Had no idea!”
She was impulsive and easily ticked off. I was upset now about what the hell she was, I couldn't figure it out but I'd ruled out all appropriate options for what I was expected to achieve with a woman. Which was... not good.
“What's your problem!” She snapped at me.
I raised an eyebrow and swallowed, “What isn't my problem?” Well, I was surely hitting my sentences out of the park. Not.
“What!” She creased her brow.
“What's your name?” This was important information, though the biggest piece of information was American. Bloody American!
She rolled her eyes at me, “Don't have one.” The girl knew how to upset me already, I hated getting a run around.
“Are you sure about that?” I asked and noticed my shoulders were squaring off in front of her. That was odd. I didn't want to intimidate her but I did want to impress her – I was almost one hundred percent sure that was not happening though.
She started to walk away from me and I followed, taking a long glance at her behind as I did. I liked asses. Asses were perfection and she'd be worth seeing naked – eventually that was.
She spun back into me and stumbled, her bright eyes shone brightly up at mine.
I wanted her to feel the bond but I didn't think she was feeling a thing for me. Not a bloody thing. That was a shame.
“I'm James.” I figured the introduction had to happen at some point, even with her madness towards me.
She made a face, “That's nice.”
I tried not to laugh at her. She was a difficult, impossible girl. I was appreciating the challenge of her a lot more than I thought – normally bitch would have came to mind.
“So, do you have a name or do you not?” I asked.
She glanced away, looking a bit uncomfortable so I stepped back to give her the space she might of needed.
“Everyone has a name.” She snapped at me.
I smiled, “Not everyone.”
She started to walk again and I followed closely, there was not a chance in hell I was letting her out of my sight. I was craving the little brunette to some extreme level now.
“Are you visiting?” I tried to talk to her again, knowing I was digging my stalker tendency deep in her mind.
“Do you usually stalk girls?”
Ah, there it was! She was quick, made me like her a bit more.
“Actually, it's usually the other way around.” My ego got the better of me on that one.
She quickened her pace and I quickened mine, knowing this little thing wouldn't tire me. I was a bloody football player after all. She had no idea what she was in for.
“Are you going somewhere in particular, love?” The nickname slipped my mouth, making me shudder. My emotions were on a slippery slope – I was seeing this now. I had to dial it in immediately.
“No!” She snapped, “I'm looking for a demon.”
I paused, raising an eyebrow. She's a bloody hunter, this isn't possible...
“A demon?” I played dumb.
“I'm crazy.” She snapped, looking up at me and I made sure her eyes met mine.
I smiled, “Cause' you're looking for a demon?”
Her bottom lip parted from her top and I swallowed – oh, fuck me.
“You're trying to ward me off?” I questioned.
She shifted her weight, “Technically.”
“Why would you want to do that?” This didn't sound like me, none of what I was saying sounded like me but I wanted her to feel it. I wanted her to succumb to it, however I was unsure how much the bond would affect her. So far it hadn't been on my side, perhaps I was just delusional.
“Do you want to come back to the pub for a bit?” Like a date I supposed. A date with my True Bond? I was in serious crap.
However, she was beautiful and even with the current situation taken out – I would loved to have a piece of her but she likely wouldn't have given me it.
“No. I have things to do...” She rambled off and looked away.
I took the opportunity to approach her closely, “That's too bad.” I sounded like a total pervert. Oh, I wanted her to come with me – in more ways than one. I had to lose the crudeness to my vocabulary though. She wasn't going to give into me if I kept it up.
“Yeah, too bad.” She shot, “See you around.” She walked forward and I watched her do so. My heart beat fast in my chest at her departure. She was definitely what I thought she was.
“Do you want to walk away?” No more foul mouth, I had to find the romance with her.
She stopped and turned to me, “What?”
I kept my eyes locked on hers, hoping she'd break to the pressure. She wanted to feel loved, I saw this now. However, if she didn't break to the romance I could provide, there was always the option of begging.
I wrinkled my nose at the thought and quickly let the emotion fade. I wasn't the begging type.
“Do you really want to walk away?” I repeated the question to her, I tried to wipe my accent out for her but I hated doing that.
Yes! I want to walk away from you... I think... not really.
I smiled at her internal monologue, all of a sudden – I would have done anything for her. I just hoped I wouldn't end up hurting her, because I could see her composure breaking to me.
“Let's try this again...” I held out my hand to her. I prayed with all my soul I would not cause her undo pain. I hoped they would let me have her but I knew what I was doing was wrong. I would hurt her in the end, not because I wanted to but because what was happening was so wrong.
I took her hand in mine and sent a slow electric charge through her – I just couldn't stop myself.
She almost whimpered from our touch and I licked my lips at that sound, thinking of how I could make her whimper more. Possibly underneath me but I knew this girl was untouched and I liked that greatly, plus she was younger. Maybe by a year or more...
“I'm James Dray and you are?”
She looked up at me, crumbling. Oh, I was screwed now... she was finally breaking to my presence.


  1. Absolutely perfect! Can't wait for the next book!!!

  2. Absolutely perfect! Can't wait for the next book!!!

  3. OMG IT IS LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!! But seriously it totally like pulls you in once you start reading it can't wait 4 the book 2 be released!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

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  6. OMG IT IS LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!! But seriously it totally like pulls you in once you start reading it can't wait 4 the book 2 be released!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

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