Friday, June 21, 2013

22 days...

so you love my books? you want more, you say? 

can I do it again? can I rip a bunny out of a hat? 

can Texas reach #1 like Alaska and will Hunter's drive you through another emotional up and down ride?


I get tons of messages on wattpad each day.... Man, I never thought I'd be sitting here saying that! but I do. Most of them are full of uplifting praise and support (which is so humbling!) but I also get the hater-mail - you know, it's all good. At least that person hated me enough to write me a detailed message on their hate.

this is all very inspiring and the characters have collected themselves in my mind for you. hyping themselves back up to do it again, all on the screen of my laptop.

so here I am, 22 DAYS till Texas and Kindred start and my nights of no-sleep will start all over again... not that I get alot of sleep anyway on a normal basis...

You see, even if I'm trying to sleep if Kara and James decide their not going to - well, neither do I. And generally speaking if it's a plot moving scene that enters my disturbed mind - I will play it out . over and over till I've got it perfected in my MIND and then I might go write it or hold on to it till the morning - which by then usually equals me taking my original idea and it shifting.

You see, as soon as I sit down to write a scene I've been carefully calculating ... usually while I'm driving, taking to my family, eating dinner, out at the pub or you know... trying to sleep... then when I write. IT ALL CHANGES.

this is what happens when people LIVE in your mind.

you start out with "hello" and you end up with some dramatic-filled conversation only your two most trusted characters could involve each other in.

Some good examples of an idea taking an abrupt turn of it's own. the second to last chapter of SANCTION "forgiveness", which was 18,000 words long. yes, 18... thousand. all of which, I still feel like I had NOTHING to do with.

Now I'm gearing up to get lost in these stories again - let's face though - HUNTER's write's itself and TEXAS... well Colten Turner is deep and complicated and Abi, she's just so... nice. They're their own demise.

so 22 days.

22 days.


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  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ! Hi ! My Name is Tyler ! (I'm a girl) I'm 15 years old and I just want to say I love your books ! My name on wattpad is Unlimitedwishes


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