Sunday, April 14, 2013

brick hit me. writing + ask me anything you want!

ahhh! I haven't posted in so long! between Alaska and Hunters, I spend most of my free time writing and editing and posting and yeah. I did want to write a post though because I basically feel like I got hit with a brick. I'm literally flabbergasted by the response on my writing's on wattpad!

I remember the first day I even posted book one of Hunters, I was so nervous and I remember just hoping someone would read it. I just wished one person would and then one day, I started Alaska and now I have even more plans for more books and a BIG sorta reveal in about a month regarding more books and such.

I see all the comments and lovely things you guys say - I just really feel like I'm dreaming! Like maybe I'm gonna wake up and I never even wrote Alaska or thought up Kara and James when I was thirteen. Anyway, I have a long way to still go but I just wanted to say thank you to y'all, it means sooooo much xxx

OH and while I'm here! I'm wondering if anyone has questions regarding writing, because I've had people ask me before and I thought it might be cool to write something for people to come back to. Not saying it will be the best advice but it will be based on what works for me and all that! and it can even be things just readers want to know - like... character questions or whatever you want!! ASK ME ! comment below or on the facebook pages for either Alaska or Hunters!

All my best,
Bella xx

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