Wednesday, March 20, 2013

behing the chapter {chapter ten,eleven + twelve} SANCTION + PHOTOSHOOT TEASER

well, i've been pretty busy, hence the no behind the chapter! what did you really expect me to write for the past three chapters anyway :P


wait, no you all saw that coming? RIGHT?

So what the heck was I thinking making my main character pregnant!? This is usually a sacrificial dooms day for most plot. cause as soon as you have a baby you're sentenced to happiness... well, if you've met Kara and James, you can likely guess that a baby won't mean smooth sailing. Especially with the impending doom of Tom! oh and let's not forget Shamus and I might even really mess with you and throw in something that makes you want to kill two people in particular... but I'm not going to tell you who.

I did the photoshoot yesterday for the E-COVER KINDLE release of HEART OF HUNTERS "BELOVED".

I'm still in editing stage but I wanted to get the photos out of the way - plus i need to OWN the rights to everything and I wasn't about to pay for stock images when I can do it myself so check out our Kara Heart below!

I will keep you posted on Kindle.... Likely once I start the release, BELOVED will be down to teaser and SANCTION will only be available to the fans... for now though, BELOVED is free still!

Here's a teaser photo!!

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