Tuesday, March 5, 2013

behind the chapter. {chapter nine} SANCTION

Little late but better than never I suppose...

Last Wednesday I updated a day early - the chapter is called PARTY PARTY PARTY. 

So, Carter takes Kara to one of Greg's house parties in a rich neighbour hood near London. She quickly becomes a hot topic at the party. Boy and girls are flying at her every which way, because once again... James is super popular and yes, you all are starting to figure out why and Kara is his girlfriend! Ha... well, we knew that.

This is one of my favourite chapters, and yeah, James isn't there but it still is. Let's be honest - if Jim was there would this chapter have been half as fun?
Well, okay, it probably would have given away all my plot, and we can't do that now. So James is playing soccer in the meantime while Kara... digs her BIG BIG hole a little freaking deeper.

Yes, Tom. Tom. Tom. TOM. Kara's ex demon/shifting/wolfy boyfriend after James left her... just happens to be at the party, selling/dealing and other arrangements of things...

So he quickly finds her but Kara can't fight back... so Shamus saves her! Shamus, who the hell is this guy!?

Umm... he's not really anyone but he likes Kara. Apparently everyone likes Kara... much to her dismay.

Kara's pretty, but I think most of her appeal is her cute look. She's very girl next door and she's clumsy with it but that's not really all of it...

James does have a couple places in this chapter. He's just away, not forgotten and he's still super possessive of Kara even when he's being a big time athlete.

So? What's happening next week?? (or this week)

I may do a double chapter update... there's some pressing questions like why Kara's strength has vanished...

bella xx

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