Sunday, February 17, 2013

behind the chapter. chapter six + seven {SANCTION}

HERE WE GO! Finally. I mean as in you guys finally have gotten past the first twenty-four-hours of Kara and James and their freshly budded relationship. For me, I was afraid you all would find these set up chapters kind of dry. Lots of character introductions and a quick glance at James' life. Which is much different than what Kara is used to.

Do you noticed how organized he is, thought and action - but then Kara disrupts that? 

That was my point for this chapter.

You also learn his sister in with a abusive idiot. No wonder James hates Kara's mother and why he seeks justice out for his girlfriend - he will do this for his sister as well.

SO - on to the other point of the chapter. Kara's admittance of why she continued to do Valium and another glimpse at her vivid dreams of Tom.

So Kara wakes up alone in his bed and is greeted by a strange girl and James' party-hardy roommate Mr. Carter Green. But she doesn't think much of it - till she get's another haunting reminder of how much of a player her boyfriend was even a week before. But it's easy to be a man whore when you're trying to distract yourself from the one person you really want, isn't it?

next point, date like outing with her new boyfriend. which Kara FULLY enjoys but let's face it - that's short lived when James takes up a more business like approach to the conversation and tells her that she can't go do the one thing she's programmed to do. Hunt demons.

So will Kara go against him, test him? Next chapter we'll find out!

Bella xx

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