Monday, February 4, 2013

behind the chapter. chapter two {SANCTION}

Well, I officially Welcome you to James Dray's insanely popular, girl infested world. Like I said the chapter should have been shorter but I had to introduce some key characters like the entrance of two my fav's and series characters; Becky and Andrew! These two are great :) you're gonna love them! - their pretty hott too and Andrew is James' first cousin! Out of all my supporting characters these two win my heart time and time again, plus Becky is just a really sweet and nice person. You'll soon see this :)

On top of all that, we had Kara meet Lila full on. Lila is a character I love and hate. She is also a character that you won't be seeing the end of any time soon, bear that in mind. haha. Not that I'm trying to drive you crazy or anything! 

And I'm sure you had some mixed emotions towards James in this chapter too... though I can assure you he'll make up for it and more in this book. So forgive him easily, cause he makes it easy.
AND yes, James will be a midfielder for the vastly popular English Premiere team; Arsenal. He's more than deserving of it, I assure you.

However, I can't always promise my interpretation of being a professional athlete will be spot on, I've tried my best and the story does focus on Kara so in that aspect I will likely be able to get away with it, but just don't crucify me if I don't get it all right!

Kara will also have to grow up and adjust her life to his, which for Kara will take her a few brain processes.... but that's Kara.

If you enjoyed this little behind the chapter post please let me know on the facebook page, I can try to do it every week if you like it!

Welcome to life in England with Kara Heart and James Dray!
-Bella xx

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