Friday, February 8, 2013

behind the chapter. chapter three + four {SANCTION}


so yea, this chapter was a bit on the dryer side... at least for for me when I know what's really in store for our two main characters....

This chapter was to set up the setting a bit and Kara's emotional level. Without a doubt, she is feeling a bit plunked down in a new life, because she has been! She can't quite wrap her head around that she's even in England and further more with James. Imagine your first over night with a boy? That's what Kara's having to process, leaving her to stay up the whole night in utter amazement to her new situation.

However, we have James who is happily back home and less stressed out. Though he's a bit uptight with Carter being so blunt about his past relationships! He is hesitant to fully admit it to Kara - even though Kara is well aware. If you haven't seen it already, James is a bit protective of her innocence.

alright, on to chapter four! 

It was too tough to leave you all with just chapter three so I HAD to give you chapter four as well... I wanted to give ya a bit more of a lead into the next bit of the book and resolve Arsenal for James. So yes, officially James Dray is part of Arsenal! 

I remember when I was first making my plot outlines... I researched all the English premiere teams and out of all of them I gravitated heavily towards Arsenal for James. I took into considerations Chelsea but thought that would be a better fit for Andrew. Arsenal just seems like the right team for James. 

Kara is also now really seeing the social class difference between her and James. She knew there was one before, but back in Virginia James is very jeans and shirt's type of boy - now home you'll see first hand how they are clearly from different social worlds. A big point will be how they view things differently. Kara holds meaning to a lot of things James won't understand and vice versa, so look forward to that! 

Next Week? 
Kara's social awkwardness will become even more prominent as she's put face to face with James' grandmother, his sister and his sister's boyfriend! Think she can deal??

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