Tuesday, February 12, 2013

behind the chapter. chapter five {SANCTION}

after 6,000 reads on book one - BELOVED, I did a mid week update on SANCTION. the chapter is called "HIS SISTER" which introduces the beautiful, modelsque and sultry strawberry blonde SOPHIE DRAY.

Sophie is a bit of a b*tch.... I gotta say. she always has been from the first day I wrote her but without a doubt, she's just always hated Kara Heart to the ends of the earth.

I know you all think Kara should stand up for herself but can you imagine James and having to take on his family head first - not to mention the touchy subject of his demanding sister... Kara's in over head at the moment and we have to give her the break, plus James is vigilant of his girlfriend's emotions - he'll stand up for her. I think we saw that in this chapter though...

Sophie was never a major player in the series orginally. I used to have her around for family gatherings and random moments but she was never someone I would consider a real character that is until I did the final rewrite of this series and re-analized the point of her....

she's James' older and only sister. She's bitter about her parent's death and she almost wants to hang onto her brother because of it. I suppose if you were to really analyze Sophie and James' relationship you would see that she loves her brother very much and he loves his sister as well. He puts up with her snot-nose attitude and she puts up with his justice-seeking and proper ways. and if you ever met their parent's Kevin and Marisha you would see literally how much of little clones they are to their parents.

now don't get me started on Robbie, he'll stir the pot next chapter more than James likes...


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