Saturday, February 23, 2013

behind the chapter. chapter eight {SANCTION}

There is just something about posting R-RATED that gets me going. Let's think... embaressment. HAHA well, I had to think those things up after all but in all realism I guess I don't. I set a plot and I don't "plot" what the characters react or do, they just do it in their own way and I write it. 

For me. Writing has always just been narrating a life for someone else. I know a few people who would argue Kara and James live somewhere out there. HA! But I'm not joking either. For their sake, I really hope they don't. The crap I put them through - I wouldn't want to be at the end of that sharp stick! 

SO... what happened this chapter.... 

Kara goes to watch James coach his last game for kids. 
There is a lot to this scene. There's the whole Josh parallel... Kara's depression still for her brother. Then the head on fight with a demon which Kara fails to kill by a long shot. Then there's James saving the day again - somehow... 

I heard a few things for these points... some people think in Book one James got her hunter powers. Some people also think James isn't totally human either. Other's are just convinced that James is a shifter... so in that regard, I guess there's alot of possibilities on what James Dray is. I'd tell you the answer, but then I'd have to kill you. 

THE bedroom scene... 
This scene also is plentiful in addressing some points.... Kara's talking to Jessica still! No, we haven't forgot about Jessica. I also briefly show James' annoyance with the blonde still... does anyone have any idea why James does not like Jessica so much and vice versa? I'll let you know the truth. In book three! 

Then of course his bedroom habits are coming out stronger. His approach towards those situations usually makes me cringe. I sometimes think It's bad a character's "words" can affect a writer. After all, am I not just making up what he's about to say... NO I'M NOT. I swear - they write themselves! lol 

Okay so Kara ends up getting sick... 
She believes it's withdrawals but all of you seem CONVINCED she's pregnant! - along with James. So I'll let you know the answer to that one in two weeks ;) 

Also, Lila calls. Yes. The character I love to hate and hate to love. The only girl out of all the girls that James had some sort of feelings for. I think that point is made pretty obvious when he ANSWERS the phone. Originally I didn't have Kara so angry about it but you know, she really does HATE lila and rightly so, her boyfriend can't seem to let the girl down. 

SO YEAH, there was alot of points to the chapter that I HAD To hit before next week because next week James is away and Kara and Carter go to a house party... 

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