Saturday, January 5, 2013

Book Two. SANCTION {cover reveal}

My plan wasn't to put up book 2 till later this year once i reached a certain amount of readers, however I may be forced to release chapter one pretty soon. Which is super awesome but I figured this may hold ya all over seeing the cover. Book two has alot of major things happen, lots of drama and sweet moments... I really can't wait to hear what people think of it. I have another 30 - 40 pages to write in book two, which I will likely get done by February as long as all ideas and scenes flow the way I'm planning! 

Happy New Year! 

and... small scene release... 
cause i can't write book jackets to save my life! this is why there's book jacket writers! haha 

I hope you like it. ENJOY!

“I love you.” He kissed her cheek as she smiled and looked behind to him. That's when his mouth dropped to her ear. He slipped a ring to her finger and whispered, “Marry me, Kara Heart.”

She paused for what seemed like a long few moments and then finally convinced herself to look down at her hand. Lost all words, no breath, literally. Her heart did one solid thump and she felt it in her throat. She stared at it, “Oh...” It was beautiful and round and sparkled in the moon light. The thin white band accentuated her pale, delicate hands.

“Kara?” He asked.

She laughed softly, “I really should hit you... because it's so pretty...” She swooned in the diamond's beautiful shine and sleek cut.

He gripped her sides, “Just say yes.” He wasn't talking about the ring. 

- Sanction, Heart Of Hunters

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