Thursday, January 10, 2013

being a writer. {questions}

i've had some amazing feedback on wattpad...

everything from OMG I'm obsessed to I'm confused. Fortunately for the confused, I found myself hoping to do better for them. I noticed one thing with people who said they were a bit jumbled. They didn't finish the book and maybe they read it a bit fast. I tell my story through my characters dialogue that's how I do it. Because I don't write in first person... this is how i choose to do it and not bore readers to death with lengthy flash backs and information that is too much to swallow... that being said if you mostly read first person i can see how my book can throw you in the deep end.

so after a few confused comments on chapter one. i made a prologue. it's very short and it starts the book off from when kara wakes up... check it out here and let me know what you think. i hope if anything it sets up the books and scenes to follow. kara's head... good luck ha!


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