Saturday, January 5, 2013

being a writer. {plot twists}

well in the beginning of book 3 that i will be calling KINDERED. you will find out a HUGE plot twist... if you haven't guessed it by the end of book 2. i had to think this over long and hard and decide if really... i wanted to change my story like this. cause this was never in the original plot line. it kinda just came to me one day and though it scared me CRAPLESS. i had become obsessed with it... i won't say what it is, because i will anxiously await to see what people say when they read it so only a few select people know of my new added drama and story flip! but all i can say is... it's crazy... well unexpected that's for sure.
i've heard alot from people i tend to throw things in when their not expecting it, i confuse you and then all of a sudden it makes sense. i write like it's happening in front of me, just know that i everything in my books happens for a reason. it's alot how i live life. everything happens for a reason. or at least that's what i believe! I know i haven't wrote a blog for a bit but i wanted to reveal book 2's cover so i will be doing that next blog :)

so remember if you think you want to throw in a big plot twist... think it over, make it make sense and jump off the cliff. I really think once people get over the shock of it, they'll see it and how it makes SO much sense!

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