Wednesday, December 19, 2012

being a writer. #5 {nervous}

when i signed up for wattpad a week in a half ago i was overwhelmed. to say the least. i put up book one and i hoped for the best. but my biggest issue - i was nervous. i was nervous to let people read it and judge me. because i figured that what would happen. sure i'd had close friends for years telling me otherwise about it - that it was different and new and would be awesome... but did i ever truly believe it?

awesome and sooo good... coming from strangers that don't know. strangers telling me how much they like it and how different it is. well this has almost been one of the coolest weeks of my life. in a week in half Heart Of Hunters has gone from 0 reads to (right now) 885 reads. It went from 0 votes, to 67 votes and moved up from 567 in non-teen fiction to 316 and today it just moved into the Romance category at 899.

i'm a long way from my dream. the dream of holding my published books in my hands but damn, at least i can taste it a bit. It's only online but what i hope will help accomplish here is getting the attention of agents and publishers, so i will be able to sign a deal with them and i hope that's a 3 - 5 book deal.

Book One will be up while i work on the second book, in which case i'm half way through. but i've done a trailer up for Book 2 to keep people satisfied in the mean time :)

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