Thursday, December 13, 2012

being a writer #4 {scenes that never make the book}

the random life of being a character. deleted scenes and fanfics...

a large portion of my free time - is spent on scenes that will not make the book. THEY NEVER WILL. usually because they don't do anything for the book and because their completely redundant. i'm talking basic life, living, nothing of interest. but i do this for a few key reasons....

a) it's literally shows me every side to my characters. this may seem, i guess, a bit of a time waster but for a series, i think it's good to do. in my case i have the books spanned over a close to ten year span, i think writing those redundant scenes are crucial.

b) history. this has helped me many occasions to figure out their past and what happened before the series started. i could brain storm but i feel actually writing out scenes is a lot more effective as it gives me actual references to turn to.

c) pure entertainment? ever been such a fan of a movie or tv show that you just wished they'd show what happened after or during when that scene was cut short for plot reasons and redundant nothings. DUH! i fanfic my own book. it's amazing. you should try it. (i've gone as far as writing my characters at the age of forty - just because.)

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