Tuesday, December 11, 2012

being a writer #2 {plot}

Plotting out books is my LEAST favourite part of writing. That sounds ridiculous but it is. I mean... how do you even start.... how you do create a world and make it flawless. Well, I think it's almost impossible because literally, you are creating the impossible.

Impossible is usually awesome but it's not a walk in the park. I constantly struggle with trying to get it all together and make it as real as possible. I would never say my plot is fool proof but it's getting better.
I remember the first book in this series when I FIRST wrote it. Back when I was 13... it was 30 pages long and a total wreck. It was literally a long synopsis in theory. Looking back. But it will always just be a memory too... because it's gone, crashed with my very first computer in computer heaven.

The thing thats important about plot and in series, figuring your overall plot to drive the series is, it's crucial you figure it out. It's taken me close to 10 years to come to a clear idea and plot for this series. Though my series has the supernatural in it, that's just something that drives my overall plot. It's not the main plot. Which I like. If we were really living in a world with demons, would they consume our lives? No. Yes, I just said we wouldn't care about demons! but we'd be used to that, we'd figure it out and we'd have people like Kara taking care of us. So, Kara's life is hell. Kara wants to be normal. Life. I tell ya...

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